Churn Buster Gets Acquired

Andrew Culver bootstrapped to an exit, then bought back in as an investor. Here's why:

"I’ve been approached before by folks interested in acquiring Churn Buster, but it wasn’t until Joelle, Matt, and Ken approached me that I thought, 'Wait a minute, this could really work. This could be perfect!'"

The Acquiring Team

Matt Goldman

Matt Goldman

Also: HookFeed,

Joelle Goldman

Joelle Goldman

Also: HookFeed,

Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson

Previously: Manpacks


Rob Walling

Rob Walling

Founder, Drip

Andrew Culver

Andrew Culver

Founder, Churn Buster


Is Andrew still involved?

Since our first phone call, Andrew insisted on being offered the chance to retain a percentage of the company...and we couldn't be happier. Seeing the faith he has in our team is inspiring, and knowing that he'll be closely involved as our advisor is reassuring to say the least.

If you've had the chance to work with Andrew, you know that he's an expert on churn and a stand-up guy. We are so excited to have him on board to map out the future of Churn Buster.

Are you going to change pricing?

If you're already a customer, you'll stay on our existing plans. Plus, we're launching a 100% ROI Guarantee today that means you'll never pay us more than what we rescue for you.

This won't affect most customers, though, who are routinely seeing returns of 30x and higher on what they pay us. But if Churn Buster isn't a good fit, you get your money back.

What's the plan for Churn Buster?

Andrew has built a fantastic product and team, so our initial focus is 90% old-fashioned hustle.

We'll be learning more about the companies using our service, working closely with customers new and old to deliver maximum ROI, and identifying the biggest opportunities to add value. As for product updates, improved performance reporting is definitely on the way.

Our team is entirely based in the United States. We know we represent your brand, and we don't take that lightly. We're putting in early efforts to support a growing team of incredible, well-paid folks.

Are you evil?

Before acquiring Churn Buster, we spent years growing a Stripe add-on product called HookFeed. We've worked with large companies like TED. We've helped established startups like And we've earned the trust of hundreds more.

With years of experience getting to know the Stripe API, we also know our way around the Stripe ecosystem real well.

If you have more specific questions for us, please get in touch! Email us at and we'll connect you with Andrew (Founder) or Matt (CEO).

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