How Barn2 Cut their Churn in Half and Saved $5,000 with Churn Buster

Recently, Katie Keith from Barn2 reached out to our team with some exciting news. After signing up with Churn Buster, she noticed a huge change in their churn rates. I'm so excited to share Barn2's journey to slashing their churn in half and saving over $5,000 per year.

First up, let's meet Katie and Barn2!

Katie Keith founded Barn2 with her husband Andy back in 2009. They started as a web design agency, building WordPress websites and plugins for clients around the globe. In 2016, they made the switch to selling premium WordPress plugins designed to enhance people's websites. Their plugins are now used on over 11,000 websites worldwide.

Katie is responsible for business development and marketing, as well as overseeing all customer support. She loves advising people on how to get the most out of WordPress and the company's products.

Now, let's pass the mic to Katie:

"Churn Buster has reduced our churn rate by more than half and saved us $5,000/year!!"

"We sell WordPress and WooCommerce plugins via our website, with recurring annual subscriptions. When analyzing our renewal rates, I always assumed that there were unavoidable reasons for the customers who chose not to renew - perhaps they were no longer using our plugin, or they resented having to pay annually.

However, when I attended a webinar led by Churn Buster and Easy Digital Downloads, I discovered that we were probably losing customers who would have been happy to renew due to failed credit card payments. Matt [CEO of Churn Buster] provided lots of statistics about how many subscription payments are lost for this reason - and I had no idea it was even an issue!

I logged into our Stripe account and discovered that our churn rate was 4%. I didn't know whether it would be possible to improve this, but decided to sign up for Churn Buster and give it a shot. It only took a few minutes to set up and I was very impressed with the quality of Churn Buster’s system and documentation. They have obviously thought through every aspect of their service, which was a refreshing change! Next, I let Churn Buster run in the background, and set myself a reminder to check our churn rate in a few weeks.

Amazingly, in the 4 weeks after installing Churn Buster, our churn rate reduced from 4% to 2.9% - more than a 27% improvement! In the next 4 weeks, it reduced even further to 1.7% - which means that our churn rate had reduced by more than half.

Based on our current recurring revenue, this will save us more than $5,000 per year - thank you Churn Buster! I would highly recommend Churn Buster to any subscription-based business. It takes minutes to set up and will increase your subscription payments forever - it's a win win situation!"