ReCharge card updates

ReCharge card updates

Campaign emails link customers to their ReCharge customer portal to update their card-on-file. This article explains options for adjusting the Capture link.

The default option

By default, your campaign emails include a snippet link (see below) that creates a unique URL for each customer to update their card-on-file.

The snippet text (as it will appear to the customer in the email) is Update Your Card Now and the URL created by the snippet looks something like this:

  • https://checkout.rechargeapps.com/customer/{{customer.properties.recharge.hash}}/card_edit/

This link takes the customer to their ReCharge customer portal. No customer login is required, and the card update instantly bills past-due subscriptions.

  • Tip: You can customize the text for the snippet with {{capture.link | text: "update your card here"}}

Slight tweak to the snippet

If you use a custom checkout domain with ReCharge Pro, you may want to create a more branded link by changing the default snippet described above to:

{{capture.link | domain: "checkout.YOURDOMAIN.com"}}

  • ‚ÄćReplace "YOURDOMAIN.com" with your actual domain.

Custom capture link

You can create dynamic/variable links using the ReCharge customer hash. Ideally these links don't require the customer to login, and might look something like this:


  • You would create a link in a campaign email (e.g. "Update your card now" linking to the URL above), and Churn Buster will turn it into a functioning link by dynamically inserting the customer ID in the double brackets.
  • Make sure to replace "YOURDOMAIN" with your actual domain.
  • Click "Save" when you're done editing the email.

Test the dynamic links

Method 1: Manually test for a single customer

To manually test the link for a single customer, replace {{customer.properties.recharge.hash}} in the URL with a specific customer's ReCharge hash found on a Customer Details page.

Method 2: Test that the link is dynamically populated

Sending a test email from the Campaign page doesn't add the ReCharge hash to produce a functioning link, so the best way to test that the link is working properly is in an upcoming action of a customer already in a campaign.

  • In the active campaign list, click a customer email address to see the campaign details.
  • Click on the upcoming email action to see a preview.
  • Hover over the link in the email preview to see the dynamically generated URL. (Additionally, you can click "Send me a test" to get the email in your inbox.)

Note: Saved changes to a campaign email apply only to emails sent going forward.