Renewal incentives

Renewal incentives

Offering a renewal incentive later in campaigns can help you win back hesitant customers. Active cancellation data (i.e. seeing what works for customers actively canceling) informs which incentive will entice your customers the most.

Below are ideas for adding a renewal incentive to your email templates.


Consider offering a discount later in the campaign to motivate customers who are on the fence about renewing. Below are examples of how to include this:

After updating your credit card, use this discount code for your next shipment: UPDATE10

Update your payment details within the next 24 hours, and we’ll treat you to 20% off your next order!
To claim this offer, follow these steps:
1 - Click here to update your payment details: {{capture.link}}
2 - Reply to this email with “YES PLEASE!”
3 - Sit back and relax! Your 20% discount will be automatically applied to your next subscription order!
Be quick! This offer is only valid for the next 24 hours!

You can even use Recharge Quick Actions for customers to apply the discount automatically with this snippet:

Tag Name:


Snippet Content:

Once you've updated your payment details, <a href="https://YOURSTOREDOMAIN.COM/tools/recurring/quick_actions/{{customer.properties.recharge.hash}}/process?action=apply_discount&subscription_id={%- capture subscription_id -%}
{% for product in campaign.properties.charge.line_items %}
{% if product.subscription_id %}
{{ product.subscription_id }}
{% break %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{%- endcapture -%}
{{ subscription_id | strip | strip_html }}&discount_code=DISCOUNTCODE" target="_blank">click here to get 20% off your next order!</a>


Free Gift

In later emails, you could add the following gift offer to encourage customers to update their payment methods:

After updating your credit card, just reply to this email with “GIFT” and we’ll send it right away!

Subscription Benefits

Making subscription benefits more tangible reminds customers of why they don't want their subscription to lapse.

You could emphasize this by including a benefit statement or by using the following snippet to dynamically insert product images and descriptions into the body of the emails:

Tag Name:


Snippet Content:

{%- for product in campaign.properties.charge.line_items -%}
  <img src="{{ product.images["small"] }}" style="border:1px solid lightgrey;border-radius:10px;">
  <span style="display:inline-block;margin-left:10px;vertical-align:top;">
    {{ product.title }}{% if product.quantity > 1 %} ({{ product.quantity }}){% endif %}
    {%- if product.variant_title -%}<br><span style="color:lightgrey;">{{ product.variant_title }}</span>{%- endif -%}
{%- endfor -%}