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About 10% of your credit card payments are failing every month. The question many of those customers will you retain? Churn Buster integrates seamlessly with ReCharge to offer a more-flexible, on-brand, performant suite of tools that help you retain more customers. Delivering compounding gains, Churn Buster will be the highest-ROI addition to your toolkit this year (maybe ever).

Recovery Campaigns
that get better over time

The flexibility and visibility you'd expect from marketing automation software, applied to payment recovery.

  • 3Flexible send schedules

    Decouple emails from card retries (how most basic dunning works) for optimal email timing.

  • 3Extended campaigns

    Continue to recover payments long after card retry windows have closed.

  • 3Multiple campaigns

    Run different campaigns to different customers, simultaneously (for example, annual vs. monthly).

  • 3Performance analytics

    Visibility into what's working and so you can continually improve recovery.

Out-of-the-box Templates

Begin recovery with templates optimized and proven to maximize recovery from day one.

  • 3Get started in minutes
  • 3Recover payments immediately
Fine-Tuned Control & Visibility

Tailor your recovery process to the unique needs of your business. Rely on data to optimize your impact.

  • 3Customize campaigns, retries and emails
  • 3Measure, iterate and improve recovery

Dunning Emails

Beautiful emails optimized to convert

Email is at the core of your recovery process. It's critical that you have control over what these emails look like, who they're sent from, and where they link to.

  • 3White-label HTML templates

    Your branding, your voice. Choose from several optimized templates, or use your own custom HTML.

  • 3Plain-text options

    Send any email in your campaign as plain text, to make it feel a little more personal.

  • 3Sent from your domain

    A seamless experience for your customers, links to update payment information also always point to your domain.

  • 3Best-in-class deliverability

    Edit your SPF and DKIM DNS records to get rid of "via" and reduce phishing worries.

  • 3Track open rates, conversions, & bounces

    Track how many (and which) customers clicked the link in any given email, or campaign. Take action on bounces.


Monitor performance and correct issues before they become churn

Stay on top of retention in real-time with instant alerts. Let your team know when a high-value customer's email has bounced, when a charge over $500 has failed, or when you recover a customer that otherwise would have churned.

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Tracked Events

Get notified of the following events as they happen via Slack, Zapier, or Webhook. Enable your team to take high-value actions and boost retention.

  • Email Bounced
  • Campaign Won
  • Campaign Lost
  • Successful Capture Update
  • Failed Capture Update


Track performance. Iterate. Improve.

Visibility goes far beyond "customer won" vs. "customer lost". Make data-driven decisions about every step of your recovery process, quantify your efforts, and ultimately, recover more revenue.

Zoom In

Drill down to customer-level visibility

  • 3View a customer's campaign status
  • 3Track bounces, opens, clicks and conversions
  • 3Pause or stop campaigns for individual customers
Zoom Out

Monitor totals & trends to continuously improve.

  • 3Track total recovery & recovery rates
  • 3Visualize impact on LTVs
  • 3Monitor multiple campaigns

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