Stop losing subscribers to failed payments

When you turn on Churn Buster you can expect to see:

Higher recovery rates
Better customer experience
Easier process for your team
Improved retention/LTVs
Killer ROI
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Customers love using Churn Buster
"Churn Buster has helped us recover tens of millions in recurring revenue. Working with this team is a no-brainer."
Mike Salguero, CEO
"After trying other dunning providers without much success, we were hesitant to try Churn Buster. The results have been better than I thought possible."
Tad Frost, COO
"I can’t believe how fast and easy setting this up was. It was the best growth hack we implemented all year!"
Cain Gillis, Director of Development
$5 Billion Under Management
For leading DTC subscription brands
Automatically recover more payments

Simply connect your subscription platform and watch as failed payments are recovered.

Process more monthly orders
Get past-due subscribers paid-up before their next shipment.
Improve customer experience
Make payment recovery easier for customers, and even easier for your support team.
Boost customer LTVs
Extend subscriber lifetimes and funnel rescued revenue back into growth channels.

“We saw a clear and significant increase in subscription reactivations after turning on Churn Buster. Working with Churn Buster has been a game changer.”

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A better process.
No extra work.

When you plug into the most comprehensive dunning solution on the market, you’ll get a process backed by powerful payments-level software, optimized with years of recovery data from similar companies, plus a team of experts (yes real people) always making things better.

Enhanced retries

Churn Buster improves the strategic timing and frequency of card retries beyond what your subscription management platform provides.

Maximizing recovery via card retries means:

Fewer unnecessary emails sent to your customers
Fewer support issues raised to your team
Fewer frustrating cancellations
More orders processed & shipped
Custom-tailored email campaigns

Instantly level-up your recovery email sequences with campaigns proven highly effective for leading eCommerce brands, and backed by years of optimization and industry data.

Done-for-you and proven effective
Customized to your brand
A/B testing, customer segmenting, and more
Last-chance offers

In cases where recovery attempts haven't been successful, provide a well-timed and effective incentive.

Order details in emails

Pull in order details (even product imagery) to enrich your emails and remind customers of what they'd be missing if they churn.

Skip/delay order

Especially effective for replenishment items, make it easy for customers to skip or delay an order rather than churn.

SMS nudge

Sometimes customers don't respond to emails. A well-timed, thoughtful text message can be an effective way to to reach these folks.

"Churn Buster has helped us recover millions in compounding gains, and has delivered a 67x return on our investment. Signing up for Churn Buster should be a no-brainer."
Mike Salguero,
CEO of ButcherBox
Air-tight safeguards

Ensure no customer churns passively

High-value opportunity alerts
Bounced email alerts
Success team escalations
Support tool integrations
Meaningful analytics

Gain the visibility you've been missing, and the data you need to improve.

Detailed analytics and custom, data-enriched exports provide deeper insight into:

Various customer cohorts
Different SKUs
A/B test results
Decline codes, and more
Your passive churn team

Churn Buster has been optimizing a better dunning approach for 8+ years, leading to the highest recovery rates and happiest customers in the market.

Let our team of senior payments experts, customer experience zealots, and veteran eCommerce operators take this problem off your hands.

“It’s a perpetual honeymoon phase with Churn Buster. You get that mutualistic vibe that they genuinely care about your success and your growth.”

No-brainer pricing
Favorable fixed fees with a low ROI breakeven threshold. No surprises. No funny business.
Churn Buster typically pays for itself with <0.5% recovery rate improvement.
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Fast & easy setup
Retention campaigns ready-to-go
Best practices for churn prevention
Powerful tools for tuning-up recovery efforts
No contracts, no hidden fees
Concierge account setup
Campaign segmentation options
A/B testing
Expert guidance on churn fundamentals, analyzing your data, and how to improve
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