How does setup work?

To start using Churn Buster without any code, all you need is access to your subscription management portal—Stripe Billing, Braintree, etc.

After authorizing Churn Buster to access subscription data, you will be asked to turn off any current failed payment notifications, and update a couple of settings. And you’re live!

Churn Buster default campaigns will improve your business right away, with infinite potential to customize as you go. Invite your teammates to the app and see results in real-time.

✨ Just Released: "What's Churn Buster's Recovery Rate?"

Failed payment recovery for SaaS

Churn Buster is the fastest, easiest and most air-tight way to end passive churn and treat your customers with the respect they deserve.

Easy integrations options:

After trying other dunning providers without much success, we were hesitant to try Churn Buster.

The results have been better than I thought possible.

Tad Frost, COO @ Short Par 4

You’ll be in great company
Trusted and loved by the world’s most customer-centric companies since 2013
The CB

Use the perfect mix of charge attempts, high quality email outreach, support escalations, even SMS to recover more failed payments, without the cost of frustrating customers.

See how one company improved their process and recovers 21% more failed payments:
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Customers love using Churn Buster
"We switched to Churn Buster from our home-grown process, and saw a fast improvement in failed payment retention. Beyond that, we were able to set up bounced email alerts, enabling our team to manually recover at-risk customers."
Sean Percival, CMO
"We switched to Churn Buster after using ProfitWell Retain for quite some time. Our primary concern with ProfitWell was their attribution and subsequent reporting. With Churn Buster we now have better reporting, a more cost-efficient solution, and a fast-improving product."
Adii Pienaar, Founder
SaaS companies using Churn Buster offer a killer customer experience

Churn Buster preserves customer relationships, elevates your brand, and retains more customers.

Maximizing recovery via card retries means:

Fewer, better emails sent to your customers
Fewer support issues raised to your team
Fewer active (frustrated) cancellations
More payments resolved the easy way
100% Completely Done-For-You SaaS Optimized Email Campaigns

Churn Buster campaigns can be activated in 5 minutes, with tactics proven by almost a decade of optimization. Everything *just works* out-of-the-box, and is also 100% customizable to match your unique business model.

Send beautiful, branded emails
Emails sent to customers are customizable to match your brand with HTML, text-based, or both!
The right message, at the right time
Turn on the templates and sending schedules proven to work wonders for the best SaaS co's in the biz.
100% Customizable
All aspects of Churn Buster are configurable in the dashboard. No customization required to get started.
Perfectly timed SMS messaging

Sometimes, email fails to get through to a customer.  They bounce, get routed to spam, deleted, or ignored.  At key points during the recovery process, it helps to reach them a different way.  

A well-timed SMS nudge can work wonders. It shouldn't be your first resort, but rather a compliment to a holistic recovery approach.

"Churn Buster has helped us recover millions in compounding gains, and has delivered a 67x return on our investment. Signing up for Churn Buster should be a no-brainer."
Mike Salguero,
CEO of ButcherBox
No customer left behind

Powerful safeguards ensure no customers churn passively

High-value opportunity alerts
Bounced email alerts (when an email is misspelled or your point of contact has changed)
Real-time email notifications to your team
Exports with data transparency
No more guesswork about what's working

Take control of passive churn and remove the headache of dealing with failed payments. Get the visibility you've been missing, and the data you need to improve, right at your fingertips.

Simple pricing that scales
Churn Buster pays for itself (and then some)
What is your monthly recurring revenue?
Drag the slider to select your current MRR (exclude non-subscription revenue)
Instantly level up customer experience
SaaS retention campaigns ready-made
No-code setup in 5 minutes or less
Connects with Stripe Billing, Braintree, PayPal
Campaign segmentation
Senior account manager
White-glove onboarding and customization
API integrations
How does the no-code, 5 minute setup work?
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