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Card Capture Pages & Forms

Make card updates fast and simple

Clean, Reliable Card Update Forms

Don't gamble at your point of recovery — ensure customers have an easy, secure way to update their credit card info.

Our battle-tested Capture pages have been in-use by companies like Segment, ButcherBox, and Water.org for years.

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Instant Verification

Verify payment method on-the-spot and only pass through valid cards.

  • 3 Increase successful completions
  • 3 Lock out the use of pre-paid debit cards
  • 3 Reduce customer confusion
Instant Update Detection

With instant detection of a new valid card on file, Churn Buster can immediately:

  • 3 Reactivate subscriptions that have lapsed
  • 3 Get paid instantly (vs waiting for next retry)
  • 3 Trigger team alerts about successful updates

Optimized to Convert

Capture pages have been designed and built to be performant, convenient, and delightful for everyone involved.

  • 3Mobile Optimized, No Login Required

    All your customers need to do is click, and enter their payment information. 70% of our emails are opened on a phone.

  • 3Customizable Design

    Upload your logo, setup your brand colors, and use your own domain name.

  • 3Hosted on Your Domain

    Avoid phishing concerns—customers see your domain name and your SSL certificate. Capture pages can also be embedded anywhere within your website.

  • 3Tokenized, PCI Compliant, and Secure

    Card information is passed directly to Stripe or Braintree, never touching Churn Buster servers. Every Capture link also has a built-in HMAC signature preventing attackers from determining the URLs of your pages. Each signature is built using customer-unique keys, and an off-site encrypted key.

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Our Commitment to Security

With Capture, your customers are able to skip the most-frustrating aspect of updating their card-on-file: logging in. In exchange for this convenience, we have a responsibility to find alternative ways of securing these pages. We don't take that responsibility lightly.

  • (PCI-Compliant

    Capture only integrates with payment processors which support tokenization. Credit cards are tokenized, and passed directly to your payment processor, never stored on our servers.

  • (Attack Prevention

    Beyond being cryptographically verified, Capture pages have low-level attack-detection features which monitor and defend your pages better than any in-house tools.

  • (HMAC Signature Verification

    Every Capture link has an HMAC signature preventing attackers from guessing your page URLs. Each signature is built with customer-unique keys, and an off-site encrypted key.

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