Crude email automation makes us cringe.

Poorly designed automation can feel cold, inhuman, and even disrespectful.


We’ve all seen personalization fails like “Hi, FNAME!,” or the automated salesperson who won’t stop emailing us. And when it comes to failed payments, automation has traditionally looked like this:

Payment Form

Payment fails → “Update card now.”
Payment fails → “Update card now.”
Payment fails → “Update card now.”
*subscription canceled*

Often these emails come from a 3rd party unrecognizable to the customer. Often they are sent after the very first failed payment despite the credit card being perfectly fine. Often they miss the inbox completely. And most often, business owners are completely in the dark about what’s happening.

Churn Buster campaigns are designed to be the least intrusive, most effective method for automating failed payment recovery.

“Least intrusive” means sending fewer emails to your customers, using better tactics and timing to clear payments. And “most effective” means recovering more revenue over time, with fewer cancelations and support issues that result from less sophisticated methods.

For high performance, and a great customer experience, adaptability and attention to detail is key.

This is why we obsess over the details every single day at Churn Buster. Customization is often required at scale, however we’ve accumulated best practices to give every campaign the best odds of success.

Your business will be in great shape on day one, benefitting from the following standards:

  1. No pre-dunning. Several years ago, sending emails before cards expired was a best practice. Now, Card Updater technology will update most expiration dates automatically. If you’d like an explanation for how this works, ask us.
  2. Resolve temporary issues before emailing anyone. This includes spending limits, freezes, and random processing errors. On average Churn Buster resolves 21% of payments before outreach begins. That’s 21% of customers who don’t need a failed payment email!
  3. Send emails from different senders. Churn Buster emails come from your domain, and also from anyone on your team. Route replies to a dedicated address or your CRM for priority support.
  4. Email messaging that has been tested at scale. Our template messaging escalates in urgency throughout the campaign, and can be edited to fit specific needs.
  5. Extended campaigns to give customers more opportunity to act. By default Churn Buster campaigns run for 22 days, and can be optimized as we collect performance data. Add additional emails, extend the follow-up period, be more/less aggressive… options are endless.
  6. Custom HTML email templates. Have a designer in-house? Build your own beautiful email templates to showcase your brand, like this one:
  7. Link to card update pages that don’t require login. These will be hosted on your domain, and pass payment information directly through to your payment processor for safe keeping. We maintain the highest level of PCI compliance throughout.
  8. Escalation procedures throughout. Build custom workflows to automate a new standard of excellence in customer support. Bounced email? Activate bounce alerts to notify your team when customers aren’t being contacted. High value customer not opening your emails? Create an alert for that too.
  9. Build a remarketing list for non-responsive customers. Once customers are “written off” at the end of your campaign, with an unpaid account, you don’t have to give up on them yet. Build a list, and run your own win-back campaigns with special incentives.

On day one, Churn Buster campaigns will position you for success with your failed payments. And your team will have all the tools they need to optimize retention, without investing in expensive builds.

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