But what you start with is only the beginning.

Over time, you’ll be able to make adjustments based on your performance history. For companies below ~$10M in annual billings, trends can usually be established in the first 60-90 days. Larger companies can optimize sooner.

Customizations include:

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  1. Custom retry schedule—by webhook to your application or direct to your payment processor, Churn Buster can initiate retries on the schedule of your choosing.
  2. Creative copywriting including custom HTML templates, additional emails (different timing)
  3. Written off webhook for remarketing
  4. Bounce alerts
  5. Help desk integration -
  6. A/B testing (coming soon)
  7. Multiple campaigns triggered by variables like subscription type, decline type, and more
  8. Real time notification via Slack -
“I use Churn Buster and highly recommend them. It's basically free money.”
Syed Balkhi
“If you have MRR and are serious about your churn, working with Churn Buster is a no-brainer.”
Mike Salguero

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