Great campaigns are dead in the water without world class email deliverability.

At Churn Buster, we put the highest priority on getting emails to inboxes.


As a transactional email sender only sending to paying customers, our complaint rate is extremely low—around 0.02%. Services that also send marketing emails will suffer delivery penalties more often, ending up in a promotional inbox. Or worse, treated as spam.


When Churn Buster sends an email, you can be confident the customer will see it.

With DKIM/SPF support, your emails will be authenticated for even better performance, as providers like Gmail, Yahoo etc will know the content is trustworthy. Emails will come directly from you, not “via” which may cause confusion.

Note: DKIM/SPF records have the added benefit of improving your domain’s sender reputation over time. High deliverability yields high open rates, and ESPs will learn to trust emails sent by your company.

And just in case an HTML email template is causing problems with delivery, Churn Buster sends at least one email with HTML removed. Small things like this can be the difference between retention and churn!

Reply-to ???

You choose the reply-to address for each email to route replies effectively. With recurring payments at risk, these high value responses can go to a dedicated inbox or into your CRM for priority support.

Open rate tracking is front and center, so you’ll have more visibility than ever before.

Feeling in the dark with failed payments? Learn about Churn Buster reporting here.

Despite best efforts, sometimes customers won’t respond to email.

Could there be a typo in their email address? When emails bounce, Churn Buster will notify your team so you can take prompt action. This can be done by Slack integration, webhook, or auto-posting support tickets via Zapier. Sometimes your point of contact has changed jobs, or there’s simply a misspelling.

Use Stripe?

To see how many misspelled emails are in your system, and get ahead of churn in a big way, use our (free!) Email Checker for Stripe—it’s the perfect compliment to Churn Buster, because fixed emails are money in the bank.

And when all else fails, use our Written Off Webhook to pass non-responsive customers into your marketing email service provider automatically. With these subscribers in their own segment, you’ll be able to entice them back to reactivate subscriptions. Keep following up until they respond!


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