Your In-House Dunning Process is Underperforming, and it's Costing You

Most in-house dunning efforts oversimplify the solution with basic triggered emails, letting too much revenue slip through the cracks.


Happy Customers Who've Made the Switch

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Why are companies switching to Churn Buster?

Most Common Reasons We Hear for Switching

"We make data-based decisions as a company, but we’re totally in the dark when it comes to failed payments and related churn."

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w"We want to improve delinquent churn but there isn't much more we can do on our own."

w"No matter how much effort we put into our dunning process we still don't have visibility into who/how much we're actually losing each month."

w"Our developer keeps getting pulled off high-value work to deal with dunning."

w"Our success team spends a lot of time on manual outreach - it seems like too much."

w"Our support team doesn’t have direct access to our payment processor, and has no easy way to help customers with billing issues."

" switched to Churn Buster from our home-grown process, and saw a fast improvement in failed payment retention. Beyond that, we were able to set up bounced email alerts, enabling our team to manually recover at-risk customers. We’re eager to see what the Churn Buster team comes up with next!"

Sean percivalSean Percival

Switched in 2018
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How Much More Could You Make with Churn Buster?

New money in the bank during your first year with Churn Buster

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"Churn Buster has helped us recover millions in compounding gains, and has delivered a 67x return on our investment. Signing up for Churn Buster should be a no-brainer."

Mike salgueroMike Salguero
Founder & CEO

Switched from Baremetrics Recover in 2016
Why Switch to Churn Buster?

Here's What Matters Most to Our Customers



The most advanced toolset on the market

Churn Buster's technology replaces outdated systems, giving you the control and flexibility you've been missing.

Freedom to experiment gives you better results tailored for your unique business.

Flexible Recovery Campaigns

The control and flexibility you'd expect from marketing automation software, applied to dunning emails and in-app forms. Edit emails and campaigns on the fly, no-code required.

Login-less, Shareable Card Update Pages

Ensure customers have an easy, secure way to update their credit card info. Unique URLs are generated dynamically for each customer to enable secure loginless/sharable forms.

Custom Retry Schedule

Decoupling retries from emails enables new recovery opportunities with better experience. Recover 21% of failed payments without bothering your customers. Learn more here.



Customers don't slip through the cracks

Rest easy knowing Churn Buster is plugging every possible leak in the recovery funnel where we can, and bringing issues to your attention where we can't.

Enable your team to be retention superstars with the tools and the visibility they need to continually improve retention.

Slack Alerts

Get real-time visibility into recovery efforts and empower your team to take action with key alerts like email bounces. Also get notified of recovery campaigns started/won/lost, and more.


Churn Buster surfaces the highest value churn risks and alerts your team to take action (ex: a customer worth $1,000/mo who's emails are bouncing).

Actionable Analytics

Increase recovery with full visibility into what's working (and what's not). Recovery breakdowns help guide optimization so you get better and better results over time.



Every opportunity for revenue recovery is maximized

Optimization of failed payment recovery is where Churn Buster shines. The more you scale, the more you benefit from improvements in compounding gains.

Ending delinquent churn is more than our product, it's our mission.

Unpaid Invoice Collections

Automatically collect past due invoices when delinquent customers eventually update their card.

Subscription Reactivations

With Churn Buster, ghost customers are a thing of the past.

Data Exports for Retargeting

Exports of customers we weren't able to save, so you can retarget and bring them back into your funnel.

"After only 3 months with Churn Buster we’re already 80% of the way to our churn reduction goal. Churn Buster is easy to use, their data visualization is easy for us to interpret, and they provide a tool that’s allowing us to improve our retention levels while understanding how we’re accomplishing that goal—which gives us a really good feeling of control over our churn reduction. It’s a game-changing product!"

Kathleen boyle headshotKathleen Boyle
Business Operations

Switched in 2018

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Churn Buster will out-perform any dunning system or your money back.

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Risk-free 90-day money back guarantee.