Box of Style on quarterly subscriptions and approaching Black Friday Cyber Monday with Yana Moser and Jessica-Rose Garcia

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This week is a Playing for Keeps first, we have two guests on one episode! Box of Style is a quarterly luxury clothing and lifestyle subscription curated by Rachel Zoe. Tune in as Kristen sits down with Yana Moser, Director of Digital Strategy AND Jessica-Rose Garcia, Head of Member Experience, to learn how the team approaches retention with this lengthy break between shipments. Plus, learn how Box of Style is approaching the holiday season with a strategic, and customer-centric approach.

Show Notes

Learn about Churn Buster's delivery alerts
Kristen's retention emails course + templates
Note: Kristen says "in 2018, 85% of Black Friday Cyber Monday sales came from existing customers of companies" that number is actually 48% according to Klaviyo's report"