Customer Acquisition Vs. Retention: A Battle For DTC Brand Focus

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Why is retention so hard for DTC brands to focus on, despite knowing how powerful it is? I've been pounding my head against the desk asking this question again and again. Data proves it's one of the biggest growth levers, CAC is too high to keep chasing, and yet, ecommerce brands still aren't shifting enough focus and effort to this side of the equation. I couldn't figure it out, so I tapped the experts for this one. Hear from Web Smith, Reza Khadjavi, Jarid Lukin (KIND Snacks), Kaitlin Holliday (Four Sigmatic), Val Geisler, Jordan Gal, Aaron Orendorff, Taylor Holiday, Brandon Doyle, Matt Goldman, Ken Johnson (previously Manpacks) and more. Learn what's holding YOU back, and what you can do about it, b/c the brands brave enough to shift perspective will be the ones thriving in 3-5 years.

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