Digesting a Two-Part Conversation with Helena Hambrecht of Haus

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Kristen and Helena covered a lot of ground in their two-part conversation, and that means Kris and Val have their work cut out for them parsing through it all. This special digest caps off a three-episode run, exploring everything from customer personas to developing markets; branding trends to organic growth strategies. If you’re still working through everything you’ve heard in the last couple episodes, this digest is everything you need to tie it all together.

Show Notes

  • Building a passion project into something much bigger
  • It’s not about creating a new habit- it’s reshaping existing rituals
  • “Everything, to have a successful communication, is about context”
  • Books referenced: Start With Why by Simon Sinek and Obviously Awesome by April Dunford
  • “Consider your product as a feature of the experience”
  • DTC pizza- could it be a thing?
  • Benefit vs value for your customer
  • How UGC creates context and tells the story of your product
  • Selling isn’t just about price and convenience anymore- it’s about deeper values
  • The difference between a subscription and a membership
  • Investing time to create impact (doing the hard things that no one’s doing)
  • Here’s the booklet Kristen mentions