Connect, Retain, & Grow:
8 Emails Proven to Reduce eCommerce Churn

This *free masterclass has everything you need to start sending retention-boosting (and revenue-boosting) emails like the best in business.

My promise:
At the end of this course, you won’t be left with a chaotic mess of retention tips. You'll walk away armed and ready to start sending retention emails proven to engage, delight, and increase LTV 👍.

Learn From The Best

Explore the retention-boosting emails being sent by leading companies like:

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What to Expect

Bite-Sized Lessons

The 8 emails covered in this course are the bedrock of a successful retention strategy. Learn how to engage and retain at each stage of your customer lifecycle.


Revenue-Boosting Emails

We'll dig into the details of the little things that have a biggest impact. You'll walk away with an actionable plan to whip up your own retention emails.


Video Tear-Downs

Learn from the best. We'll walk-through real emails used by world-class companies and talk about what's working and what's not.


Plug-and-Play Templates

Get access to real, proven templates for the trickiest emails in this list. You'll also get bonus content and strategy guides for implementation.

Meet Your Retention Coach

Kristen decosta churnbuster headshot

Kristen DeCosta
Growth and Retention @ Churn Buster

Kristen is the lead on all things education, retention, and growth-related here at Churn Buster. She’s obsessed with creating meaningful customer relationships and showcasing the human side of subscription businesses.

Kristen has worked with hundreds of top companies (including ButcherBox and LOLA) to improve MRR and build deeper connections with their customers.

In this masterclass, she’ll share top churn-fighting email secrets and then some.