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Why Choose Churn Buster vs Gravy Recover

Churn Buster and Gravy both offer dunning solutions. However, our approaches to failed payment recovery are like apples and oranges.

🍎 Churn Buster

Churn Buster is a payment recovery platform that combines the power of advanced automation with the human touch of escalation, to offer the most effective dunning solution on the market.  

🍊 Gravy Recover

Gravy is an outreach service, employing a team of outbound agents who manually email and call customers to collect on failed payments.

“The outbound team had a cost that was 10-15x more expensive. It turned into a no-brainer to use Churn Buster.”

The Churn Buster Difference

What you get with Churn Buster:

Top Recovery Rates3rd Party Data Verified

Automation that Feels Human

Software Built for Scale

Senior Account Manager

Loved By Customers

More Favorable Pricing


Higher Recovery Rates. Flat Out.

The first thing you want to know when vetting a dunning solution is that it’s the most effective option for your company. 

All Achieved with Custom-Tailored Automation

Median CB 
Recovery Rate
Highest Recovery
Recovered via
Retries Alone
Gravy Claims:

Dunning automation tools only recover 15% of failed payments.

The Facts:

Even basic dunning automation will recover more than 15%. With full automation, Churn Buster is recovering over 90% of failed payments for some companies.

“Working with Churn Buster has been a game changer.”

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AN Advanced approach

Automation that Feels Human.

Treat your customers with the respect they deserve, at key points throughout the recovery cycle.

What exactly does this mean?

  • Recover 20%+ via strategic retries, without bothering your customers over temporary credit card issues.
  • Mix personal, plain text emails that look and feel human, as well as branded emails to maximize effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Offer frictionless, secure card update pages to make it easy for your customers to issue payment.
  • Automatically reactivate subscriptions and, if desired, collect multiple past-due invoices without lifting a finger.

Automated Emails That Promote Trust

Churn Buster emails are proven effective, trustworthy, and as personal as you'd like them to be.

Screenshot of the email that comes from me

Caption: Here's an email from our own account.
It's personal, and shares our sense of humor.

Screenshot of a branded email

Many customers mix in branded emails like these. Brand consistency can be key for trustworthiness.

Capture Page screenshot

Caption: Customers land on a secure, login-less card update page, hosted on your own domain. New cards are validated in real-time, while your customer is still on the page.

Screenshot of performance per email stats

You’ll never have to guess how the emails are performing or where there may be opportunities for improvement.

built to scale

Let Automation Do The Heavy Lifting

Automation + Escalation

Automation will handle most of your recovery, while escalating customers to your support team when they are looking like a churn risk. High value customers can be escalated right away, for a high-touch approach.

Churn Buster is designed to be air-tight at scale, while layering in the appropriate human touches at just the right times.

Pro Features

Air-Tight, Dynamic, Scalable

A/B Testing

Segmented Campaigns

Customizable Data Exports & Analytics

Powerful Filtering & Segmentation

Escalation to Your Success Team

Largest clients (ARR)
Spam Complaints
your churn dream team

"A Perpetual Honeymoon"

When you work with Churn Buster, you're working with a team of seasoned retention & payments experts, each with years of experience.

Our attentive team is focused on solving this single problem, and solving it well.

Churn Buster has been around since 2013, serving some of the largest subscription brands on the planet. We're customer-funded, profitable, and excited to keep leading the way with our technology that recovers more failed payments.

“It’s a perpetual honeymoon phase with Churn Buster. You get that mutualistic vibe that they genuinely care about your success and your growth.”

Loved by customers
Our Own Churn Rate
Our Own Recovery Rate
Longest Client Relationship
8+ Years
Trusted by the world's leading subscription brands
More FAvorable pricing

Easy, Always Affordable Pricing

Churn Buster

Favorable Pricing that Scales

With Churn Buster, you'll have fair fixed fees based on a low ROI breakeven threshold. Churn Buster pays for itself with a <0.5% recovery rate improvement.

Predictable Pricing, Volume Discounts

Pays for Itself (Many Times Over)

Fast 5-Minute Setup

White-Glove Onboarding for Pro Accounts

14-Day Free Trial & Money-Back Guarantee

Gravy Recover

High Fees for Low-Hanging Fruit

With Churn Buster you won't pay a premium for easily-recovered revenue, or large payments that get recovered. Affordable automation does the heavy lifting—and never sleeps or takes a day off.

“We were hesitant to try Churn Buster. The results have been better than I ever thought possible.

“Churn Buster has helped us recover tens of millions in recurring revenue. Working with this team is a no-brainer.“

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