Best ProfitWell Retain Alternative

Why Choose Churn Buster vs ProfitWell Retain?

While both services offer done-for-you dunning solutions, powerful customization makes Churn Buster a ProfitWell Retain alternative preferred in side-by-side comparisons.

“We saw a clear and significant increase in subscription reactivations in the months following turning on Churn Buster. Working with Churn Buster has been a game changer.”

The Churn Buster Alternative

Both offer:

Done-for-You Setup

Up and Running in 5 Min

Basic Emails & SMS

Data-Driven Approach

Focus on Security

Only with Churn Buster:

The Best Performance 3rd Party Data Verified

Customizable Platform

Pro Features

Senior Account Manager

Loved By Customers

More Favorable Pricing


Higher Recovery Rates. Flat Out.

3rd Party Verified

Retain says they outperform Churn Buster. Churn Buster says they outperform Retain.


This puts you in the difficult position of having to decide who to trust.

You don't need to take our promise at face value. Instead, trust the data in your payment processor or 3rd-party analytics software.

Independently Verified to Recover More Subscribers

In side-by-side comparisons, Churn Buster has been verified using 3rd party data to achieve the highest recovery rates on the market.*

* Churn Buster uses a non-biased measurement for comparing two dunning processes—that could each calculate churn differently—using data exported directly from your payment processor.
Has ProfitWell been contacting you saying "only pay if it beats CB"?

Before you decide to give it a try, learn the common risks with performance-based billing that can hurt your business.

Using a non-biased calculation backed by 3rd-party data, we guarantee Churn Buster will outperform ProfitWell Retain.

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“To be averaging 12.7% above our peak recovery rate from before, it's phenomenal.”

Ready to see how Churn Buster performs?
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A Better Process. No Extra Work.

Retain automates a process that’s done-for-you, and mostly-the-same for all types of companies, with limited control or even visibility into the brand experience. Would you do this with any other part of your business?

When we learned there's no “perfect process” several yeas ago, we got to work, building more flexibility into our platform.

Churn Buster has spent 8+ years optimizing a better approach. One with powerful customizations, and safeguards that solve for the unique dynamics of your business. With over $5 Billion in subscription revenue now under our management, companies are finding this custom approach performs to the highest possible standard.

A Customized Approach

Get started with an upgraded, custom-tailored dunning process in minutes. With an experienced account manager by your side, you'll have a retention process that can improve over time, benchmarked against companies with similar business models.

Let full automation recover payments, or stay in full control with a suite of Pro features.

Pro Features

Air-Tight, Dynamic, Scalable

A/B Testing

Targeted Campaigns

Customizable Data Exports & Analytics

Powerful Filtering & Segmentation

Escalation to Your Success Team

Largest clients (ARR)
Spam Complaints
your churn dream team

"A Perpetual Honeymoon"

Solving your failed payment churn is our top priority.

You won't be part of a broader data harvesting game. You won’t be up-sold into other services. There's no high-pressure sales reps, or inexperienced support.

You'll work with an experienced team of professionals, dedicated to solving one-problem and solving it well.

“It’s a perpetual honeymoon phase with Churn Buster. You get that mutualistic vibe that they genuinely care about your success and your growth.”

Loved by customers
CB's Own Churn Rate
CB's Own Recovery Rate
Longest Client Relationship
8+ Years
Trusted by the world's leading subscription brands
More FAvorable pricing

Don't Pay a Penalty for Success

Or improvement you can't verify

Churn Buster

Favorable Pricing that Scales

With Churn Buster, you'll have fair fixed fees based on a low ROI breakeven threshold. Churn Buster pays for itself with a <0.5% recovery rate improvement.

Predictable Pricing, Volume Discounts

Pays for Itself (Many Times Over)

Fast 5-Minute Setup

White-Glove Onboarding for Pro Accounts

14-Day Free Trial & Money-Back Guarantee



There are hidden risks to this billing model that may surprise you. ProfitWell Retain pricing is based on a "pre-Retain" baseline that needs to be verified by your own customer data.
Read More

Our primary concern with ProfitWell was their attribution and subsequent reporting. With Churn Buster we now have better reporting, a more cost-efficient solution, and a fast-improving product.”

"Churn Buster has helped us recover tens of millions in recurring revenue. Working with this team is a no-brainer."

Fast & easy setup
Retention campaigns ready-to-go
Best practices for churn prevention
Powerful tools for tuning-up recovery efforts
No contracts, no hidden fees
Concierge account setup
Campaign segmentation options
A/B testing
Expert guidance on churn fundamentals, analyzing your data, and how to improve
Account manager