Stop Losing Money to
Failed Payments in Stripe

Churn Buster saves you thousands of dollars every month by ensuring your customers update their payment information. You'll be started in minutes.

You're losing too much money to
failed payments and expired cards.

When you set out to build your company, did you anticipate how many customers would be failing payments every month? (We didn't.) It's crazy how much revenue you lose, and those customers are a major contributor to your churn rate. We were in the same boat, so we set out to solve the problem once and for all.

Churn Buster solves the problem
and cuts churn like this:


This graph represents a real Churn Buster customer. Before Churn Buster, their churn rate was above 5%. After signing up for Churn Buster, their churn rate saw an immediate drop and is now around 3%.

We're so confident in our experience serving many different types of businesses that we guarantee a reduction in churn and an increase in customer life-time value (LTV) when you use Churn Buster as the solution to your failed payments.

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Perfectly timed
automated emails.

You never have to think about them.

Churn Buster's finely-tuned email campaigns ensure the highest percentage of customers are updating their payment information without any thought from you.

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We call or you call.

It's up to you. (But yeah, we do that.)

If you have phone numbers for your customers, Churn Buster will reach out on your behalf. If you want to contact customers yourself, we'll make it easy by telling you who and when.

Using Churn Buster to reach out to customers by phone substantially increases the number of customers updating their payment information.

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Write no code.

Up and running in 10 minutes.

With Churn Buster, you save the time and cost of writing and maintaining your own logic. Leave it to us. After all, it's all we do.

Even customers who had already implemented their own emails significantly improved their conversion rates with Churn Buster.

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    Weekly emails.

    Set it and forget it.

    Churn Buster provides the best reporting available for failed payments. You'll receive a weekly breakdown of conversions and write-offs, showing the amount saved in dollars.

    Dealing with Failed Payments
    This was seriously the biggest pain in my !@#$. The biggest!
    Adam healey
    Adam Healey
    Borrowed & Blue
    Calling Customers For You
    On the scale of Freaking Genius, this rates about an eight.
    Patrick mackenzie
    Patrick MacKenzie
    Bingo Card Creator
    Running a SaaS
    I didn't anticipate how many declined charges there would be!
    Alex maccaw
    Alex MacCaw

    You never have to think about payment problems again.

    Churn Buster allows you to address the expensive problem of failed payments without taking your focus off of the development of your core product. It's like hiring a billing department as a service.

    With a 30-day free trial, you can't lose.

    Churn Buster Saves These Companies Thousands Per Month


    Frequently Asked Questions

    I've already implemented webhook emails. What will Churn Buster do for me?

    It will increase your conversion rate and reduce cancelations when reaching out to customers for updated payment information. Churn Buster does more than just email customers when a payment fails. Almost as important as when we do email customers is when we don't. We've thought through and addressed every aspect of the failed payment lifecycle, which is why customers replacing their own emails with Churn Buster always see an increase in conversions even while sending fewer emails.

    Are you just going to start emailing my customers?

    No, of course not. By default all emails we generate are drafted for your review. Once you're comfortable with how things are working, you can choose to automate these emails to save yourself time.

    What will my customers see?

    Whatever you want! Churn Buster allows you to provide both an HTML email layout and configure the message body of all emails. Whether you prefer a more personal looking email or a more branded layout, you'll be able to control the look and feel of the emails that are sent to your customers.