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Monitor performance and correct issues before they become churn

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Slack alerts

Alerts for high-value events via Slack or Email

  • 3 Email bounced
  • 3 Campaign won/lost (why/how)
  • 3 Card updated successfully (via capture form)
  • 3 Card failed during update attempt (via capture form)
  • 3 Past-due invoices collected in the amount of $xyz
  • 3Ghost customer" recovered, subscription reactivated
  • 3 Customer {name} recovered (and how) for $xyz
  • 3 Customer {email} bounced x times - high churn risk
  • 3 Customer {name} went past due for $xyz

Over 1,000 Integrations via Zapier

Use our Zapier integration to bring at-risk customers into your workflow

  • A few examples:
  • 3 Update a customer's status in your CRM
  • 3 Add a card to Trello with bounced emails to correct
  • 3 Notify your success team of high-value churn risks
  • 3 Add notes about a customer's payment issue in your help desk software

Trigger Actions in Your App via Webhooks

Use webhooks to trigger actions in your app based on what happens in a campaign.

  • A few examples:
  • 3 Lock a customer out of your app
  • 3 Update a customer status
  • 3 Send additional emails
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