Resolving failed payments at scale has never been easier.

(Or more profitable)

One-click integration with stripe

recovering millions for world-class companies

Old ways of combating failed payments weren't built for high performance at-scale.

Have you outgrown your old dunning solution?

Basic Dunning

Cheap to set up and good for getting started.


Automates customer notification(s)


Blasts emails before retrying a card


Gives up on customers too quickly


Sub-optimal card update process (login, navigation, etc)


Ignores not-so-edge cases


Fails to improve as your company grows

Churn Buster Pro

Built to scale, recovering max revenue with a seamless customer experience.


Resolves high % of payments before outreach begins


Delivers the right emails at the right times


Extends recovery time to help customers make payment


Hosts responsive, login-less, dedicated card update pages


Handles edge cases


Reactivates subscriptions


Collects past-due balances


Supports a high volume of failing payments


Reports accurate data you can trust


Provides expert support and custom solutions


Maximizes email deliverability while monitoring open, bounce, and spam rates

When you're ready to up your game...


Get out of the way

Knowing when to NOT to get involved is just as critical as stepping in. Allow time for card issues to be resolved behind the scenes via charge reattempts (up to 40%!).


Extend your win-back campaigns

Don't give up on your customers easily. Send extra emails over several weeks of outreach—because people are busy, and sometimes go on vacation 🌴.


Deliver a seamless experience

Link customers to mobile-responsive pages, with no login required, for the sole purpose of updating their payment method. 50%+ will open email on their phone, and friction kills performance at scale.


Leverage technology that's built to scale

Churn Buster will handle your high volume of payments without costly downtime or missed opportunities. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Churn Buster outperforms our previous dunning solution, and I now get replies to our emails—which never used to happen. Happy we made the switch!

Nicholas Holmes

It's Not Magic. It's Math.

Marginal MRR wins become big LTV gains over time.

Compounding Gains

At scale, even a 1% loss/gain in recoveries will have a tremendous impact on MRR and LTV 12 months from now.

How do we do it?

Learn more about our process >

Churn Buster saves us hours every week and collects twice as much money as our previous system. It’s great to see such a useful service continue to innovate, and back it up with best in class support.

Corey Wright Wright Brothers, Inc.

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