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Churn Buster has helped us recover tens of millions in recurring revenue. Working with this team is a no-brainer.”

Mike Salguero, CEO

A decade of trust from leading subscription brands

Churn Buster's own churn rate
$5 Billion+
Recurring revenue under management
9+ Yrs
Longest client engagements

Churn Buster has consistently and significantly boosted our retention and subscriber LTVs.”

Trevor Davis
Head of R&D

Powerful alone, unbeatable together.

Turn on our two unique solutions for passive and active churn, and let us deliver
significant and lasting improvements to retention. It’s really that easy.

Passive Churn (Failed Payments)


When credit cards get declined, rely on a dunning process that’s been optimized for nearly a decade by payments experts.

Enhanced retries
Custom-tailored email & SMS
Last-chance offers
Easy skip/delay
Advanced segmentation
Detailed reporting
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Active Churn (cancellations)

Cancel Flows

When subscribers click to cancel, deliver tailored experiences that delight, retain, and surface valuable feedback.

Smart offers
Segmented flows
Sentiment AI
Powerful retention insights
automatic improvement
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Retain more of the subscribers you've worked so hard to earn.

Passive Churn
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Active Churn
Learn more about Churn Buster Cancel Flows