Failed Payment Recovery for High-Growth SaaS

Customer Experience Focused. Results Driven.

Recapture failed payments and renew subscriptions.

White-label service built on rock-solid tech.

Eliminate involuntary churn and grow LTV.

A Customer-Focused Approach

The goal isn’t to harass customers into forking over a credit card. It's to design a frictionless experience that helps them make payments reliably, and at scale.

A White Label
Seamless Experience

Our recovery funnel is optimized to build trust and engagement, resulting in higher recovery rates and happier customers. We're your invisible partner.

Your Branding

Dunning emails come from you, contain your branding, tone, etc.

Your Domain

Credit card update page is hosted on your website, not ours.

Your Voice

Emails can be customized to suit the tone of your company.

Convert lost revenue
into LTV

Every step of our process is optimized to reduce friction and make it as easy as possible to recapture delinquent customers.

Frictionless Card Update

No login required to update a credit card.

Mobile Optimized

Over 75% of our clients' customers update cards on their phones. We plan for that.

Courtesy Phone Calls (Optional)

We'll work one-on-one with high value customers to help them reactivate your service.

Confirm Reactivation

Confirm expired subscriptions are reactivated, recurring, and no one slips through the cracks.

It's Not Magic. It's Math.

Marginal MRR wins become big LTV gains over time.

Forecasted Gains

At scale, even a 1% loss/gain in recoveries will have a tremendous impact on MRR and LTV 12 months from now.

Forward-Looking Metrics

Your Churn Buster dashboard will forecast performance based on your history of wins, to help prioritize your efforts based on future impact.

Accurate & Transparent Reporting

Many failed payments will clear via automatic card updates and well-timed retries. To avoid overstating our impact, we only attribute a churn prevention “win” when customers would have churned without intervention.

With detailed, fully-auditable reporting, you’ll know exactly how much revenue has been saved.

Priced to Never Be a Cost

Working with Churn Buster is a mathematical no-brainer.

Every company’s churn looks different, so we schedule an intro call with to learn as much as we can about your unique challenge before discussing price. Our plans are always priced to win, however some low-retention models require special consideration.

These calls are structured to be high-value with zero pressure.

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Trusted by World-Class SaaS Companies

The team at Churn Buster is amazing. They have gone out of their way to help us on more than one occasion. It's great to see such a useful service, that continues to innovate, and backs it up with best in class support.

Corey Wright Wright Brothers, Inc.

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