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Subscription Reactivations

Say goodbye to "ghost customers"

Reactivate Subscriptions Automatically, in Real Time

Whether a card is updated via our Capture forms, in your app, or by Stripe's automatic card updater, we reattempt payment on the most recent invoice for all past-due subscriptions. If successful, we reactivate the subscription immediately.

Subscription reactivation
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Wait...what the heck's a ghost customer?

Stripe, Braintree, and other dunning services won’t automatically reactivate a customer’s subscription when the card is updated outside of the retry window.

Both you and your customer may think they’re still subscribed, but future payments won't actually go through.

Get Paid Faster

When a customer updates their card, we detect it in real time, retry the payment, and make sure you get paid that day. No more waiting for the next scheduled retry (which could be 7 days away).

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