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The Top 10 Questions People Ask before Switching to Churn Buster

Here’s one thing we know about our situation: professional dunning is a relatively new feature businesses are turning to. So naturally, you have a lot of questions about how this all really works.

And that’s awesome. Because the companies who really get the most out of Churn Buster are the ones who ask the most questions, who push us to be better, and who truly invest into their campaigns.

So without further ado, here are the most common questions we receive from companies just like yours.

How much churn is related to failed payments?

On average 20-40% of churn can easily be payments-related even with card updater technology. 😱

We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes and have proven this data first hand.

Now, where your specific business falls in this range will depend on a few things: your industry, customer type, payments you accept, current dunning setup and more.

Reach out if you need help finding this number in your reports.

How do I know if Churn Buster will work with my billing setup?

Churn Buster integrates directly with Stripe, Braintree, and ReCharge. If your business is running on one of these platforms, it only takes a few clicks to get started.

With the Churn Buster API, custom integration with any other setup is a simple task. Submit a request here, and the Churn Buster team will review your setup for free.

How long does it take to get started with Churn Buster?

We know you don’t want to mess with a huge system switch, so we’ve made it quick and painless to get up and running with Churn Buster. We do all the heavy lifting to get you set up fast, with tons of advanced options as your account grows.

Your Churn Buster account comes with pre-written campaign emails scheduled out to the top industry standard. And with guided onboarding, it takes 2 minutes to launch an account. Then, you can start making adjustments as you go.

On our Grow and Optimize plans, we'll provide a designed email template with your branding at no additional cost.

Here’s the step by step process for all the dedicated researchers out there (we appreciate you).

How is this better than what I’m currently doing?

This depends a bit on your specific set up, but basic dunning tools are simply underestimating the problem, oversimplifying the solution, and letting too much revenue slip through the cracks.

Are your dunning emails currently being delivered or are they landing in spam? Do you know when they bounce?

What percentage of failed payments are being recovered? What percentage are recovered before the first email is sent?

Are you sending pre-expiration emails? (we don't recommend it.)

At Churn Buster, we are committed to understanding the problem better, so we can build a solution that keeps improving. The "magic" is not a single feature, it's the compounding benefit of doing several things that little bit better.

With the right process for fixing passive churn month after month, our customers see impressive long-term gains.

What’s the price?

Our pricing is designed to ensure you always get a positive (and compounding) ROI. In other words, you earn more than you pay.

And we’ve ensured that our pricing is built to scale and grow with you.

Based on your monthly recurring revenue, Churn Buster pricing grows alongside your business so returns can always be assured. Pricing varies based on business size and type, so explore our site to get a sense of what it will look like for you.

Why choose us?

Churn Buster is a niche service that does one thing extremely well.

And our customers will back us up on this. If fixing passive churn is your focus, look no further.

Every dollar you spend on Churn Buster goes toward improving your bottom line. Each new feature release will demonstrate this as your retention rate improves month after month, year after year.

What if we’re not happy with Churn Buster?

You can simply cancel your Churn Buster account anytime you’d like. And before you go, you can export all of your campaigns and take the data with you.

We want you to recover more payments one way or another. It’s that simple.

How will we know it’s working?

Your Dashboard will show results, graphed in weekly cohorts, as soon as campaigns begin. You’ll be able to see how many campaigns were won, whether via card update or automated retry, and how that performance changes over time.

Analytics 1 1
Analytics 2 1

You also have the ability to search for customers, and filter based on their campaign status, so that you can detect issues, copy card update links, or inform your support team about a customer’s progress.

Expect to run campaigns with Churn Buster for 60 days, and assess performance after 90 days. This gives you 2 full months of data, and allows 30 days for all campaigns to fully finish so that your recovery rate metrics are accurate.

What’s next?

This one’s simple. Choose your plan and start setting your account up now. If you have any questions along the way, our team will be right there ready to help (pinky promise).

At this point you should have everything you need to make the best choice for you and your business. If you DO decide to join the companies graduating from other dunning services, we can’t wait to watch you make that money with Churn Buster.

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