Take control of your subscription cancellations.

Learn why customers cancel and do whatever it takes to grow your subscription program. Reduce active churn with better tactics and AI-powered insights.

5 Billion+
Under Management

for leading subscription brands

A better experience

For your subscribers

On-brand experiences that delight
One-click skip/delay/product swaps
Dynamic flows based on cancel reason

For your retention team

Done-for-you, custom implementation
Expert guidance + hands-on optimization
Visibility & insights for lasting improvements

It’s a perpetual honeymoon phase with Churn Buster. You get that mutual vibe that they genuinely care about your success and your growth.”

John Roman

The right offer at the right time

Let cancel reasons drive a better cancel flow experience. Deliver offers and deflections that meet your customer’s expectations and context.

One click
Order skipping/delay
Product swapping
Custom options

Segmented flows

Offer a unique experience for different customer types.

Segment by
Subscription type
Monthly spend or LTV
Acquisition channel
And more

A/B testing

Test and iterate new retention strategies with ease.

Optimize retention efforts
Make data-driven decisions with confidence

Automatic improvement

Churn Buster learns in real-time what’s working, and then optimizes flows to help your customers stick around. The longer they run, the better they perform.

It’s churn optimization on autopilot.

Retention insights for lasting results

Get the type of reporting you need to answer real questions. Let data drive the types of changes that make retention improvements significant and lasting.

Learn from top cancellation reasons
Test and iterate new retention strategies
Tailor experiences for different customer profiles
Track which save offers perform the best
Unify your active churn data with your passive churn data

Sentiment AI

Qualitative feedback made actionable

Determine the sentiment of cancelling customers’ qualitative feedback with 99% accuracy.

Surface trends
Identify issues
Highlight successes
Route customers based on sentiment

Effortlessly retain more subscribers.

Improving retention has never been easier.

White glove implementation

Our team will get you up and running
Provide ongoing guidance
Nothing required from your team

Results you'll be proud of

Extend subscriber lifetimes
Improve customer experience
Retain more of the subscribers you’ve worked so hard to earn

We get to focus on delivering the product that our customer wants, while easily retaining an extra 21% of subscribers every month. Multiply that value every month. It's massive for the company.”

Tad Frost

What is your monthly recurring revenue?

Drag the slider to find your pricing.

Concierge setup with easy installation
Beautiful full-page flows with product imagery
Advanced offer targeting
Accurate offer acceptance rates
Sentiment AI™ feedback analysis
“Churn Buster is never up for discussion when we talk about cutting costs, or looking at new tech to replace other tech.”
John Roman
CEO @ Battlbox
"Churn Buster is one of the few tech solutions we have that’s never up for discussion when we talk about cutting costs, or looking at new tech to replace other tech."
John Roman
CEO @ Battlbox

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from my basic cancel flow?

Churn Buster has accurate reporting and all the tools you need to optimize customer retention. Analytics, segmentation, customer personalization, continuous testing, branded design, and even a team with 10+ years of churn busting experience—it’s all included out-of-the-box. If you are running into limitations with your basic flows, finding it difficult to measure success and make the necessary adjustments, it could be a good time to consider Churn Buster.

What does setup look like?

Simply contact our team for concierge setup. We will review your current cancellation process and create new, branded flows that are ready to go with offers targeted to cancel reasons. After launching Cancel Flows, you will see results in real-time including customer feedback analyzed via Sentiment AI.

Will this work with my subscription platform?

Churn Buster integrates with most subscription platforms, including Recharge, Ordergroove, Stay.ai, Stripe Billing, Braintree Subscriptions, Smartrr, Rodeo, Upscribe, and more. API integration with any subscriptions setup is available on our Enterprise plans.

Are there any extra fees?

Dunning and Cancel Flows are priced individually, or as a bundle, and there are no extra fees. Churn Buster does not take a commission on customers retained, as we know how difficult attribution is with customer retention (without a doubt, customer loyalty plays the biggest role in customer retention—Churn Buster can amplify the value of customer loyalty, but rarely is responsible for it!).

Can I get a bundle discount?

Yes. Start with Dunning, and Cancel Flows can be added at a sizable discount. Compare against other cancel flow options, and you’ll often find Cancel Flows has better functionality at a lower monthly cost.

Is there a contract?

Our standard plans are month-to-month, and operate under our standard Terms of Service (with no contract). Pro plans often require a signed service agreement in the first year, rolling onto our standard monthly terms afterward.