Shine a light on failed payments.

And take control of involuntary churn.



The Churn Buster dashboard allows you to track performance in real-time.

Track performance in real-time via the Churn Buster dashboard.

See how many payments are past-due, and how much revenue they are worth. Drill down deeper to view each past-due customer, and recent campaign activity, in detail. Manage campaigns and grab card update links with the click of a button.

Not all recovered payments are created equal.

Recent payment recoveries are broken down by source, so you can see how successful payment reattempts are, versus campaigning for updated credit cards. High detail reporting is available to show success by card type, bank decline codes, and more. Raw data exports are available by request, so Churn Buster metrics are easily verified anytime.

monthly digest email

When growth is booming you can’t be glued to a dashboard all day.

Churn Buster sends a monthly digest with a campaign performance overview, linking back to your dashboard. Updates and announcements are included, so you won’t miss out on the newest features.

Taking failed payment recovery into your workflow means getting outside Churn Buster, and into the tools your company uses every day. Via email notifications, custom webhooks, and integrations Churn Buster can put the right information in front of your team.

Whether you are tracking bounced emails in real time, segmenting written-off customers, or escalating large payments to your support team’s CRM, Churn Buster has you covered. With high visibility, you can effectively put an end to involuntary churn.

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