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How easy is integration?

It's not quite a one-click install, but we'll make it pretty darn easy for you.

On the technical side, we'll need about 10 minutes of help from someone on your team with server access (for step #2 below).

  1. Connect to Stripe. This allows us to receive failed payment events, update customer payment information, and automatically retry payments for you.
  2. Upload an html file to your server. This will be the card update page your customers are linked to via email. It's managed and monitored from our end, lives on your domain behind your SSL, and passes payment information directly through to Stripe.
  3. Set up emails. Messaging (pre-written & tested templates provided), email senders, and DKIM/SPF settings.
  4. Update Stripe settings as instructed. If you were canceling subscriptions after the retries, we can still do this at the end of your recovery funnel—cancelations will take a couple weeks longer to initiate as your recovery process is extended.
  5. Launch. To respect the experience of your customers, and only contact them when action is required, we'll allow a payment to fail and also retry the card before reaching out. Your email sequence will last 3-4 weeks, automatically paying invoices and reactivating subscriptions.


For startups with under $20k monthly recurring revenue. *Stripe and Braintree only*

Per $5k monthly recurring revenue
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For growing companies with up to $300k monthly recurring revenue.

Per $50k monthly recurring revenue
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For established companies with at least $300k monthly recurring revenue.

Per $1M monthly recurring revenue
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Setup deposit required*

The Start plan includes:

Basic automation on the cheap, so you can stay focused on growth.
  • Standard 25-day recovery campaign
  • 5 Professionally-written dunning emails
  • Hosted Capture pages
  • Basic metrics
  • Fast setup—no code required!
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Grow includes:

Upgraded campaign options when you are on a growth trajectory.
  • Customizable, white label recovery campaign
  • Additional retries to clear payments faster
  • Capture pages hosted on your domain
  • Collect multiple past-due invoices automatically
  • Detailed reporting
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Optimize includes:

Experiment with custom workflows to increase retention.
  • Grow plus:
  • Supports multiple payment gateways
  • Run multiple unique recovery campaigns
  • Custom retry schedules
  • Escalation procedures & notifications
  • Hundreds of webhook integrations
  • Advanced campaign analytics
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