Your best defense against involuntary churn.

Recover failed payments with improved automation, custom-tailored campaigns, and results you can see.

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Churn Buster is the trusted choice of world-class companies since 2013.

Built to scale, we've safeguarded over $1,000,000,000 of recurring payments.

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Up to 40% of Churn is Caused by Failed Payments

When you underestimate the problem, you oversimplify the solution.

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Give Up Too Fast

Recovery campaigns are too short, churning recoverable accounts before they've had a chance to update their card.

No Flexibility

You're limited by your processor's retry schedule. You can't extend, customize, or experiment with email campaigns.

Every Customer Treated the Same

High-value customers aren't escalated. Temporary and permanent card issues are treated the same when they shouldn't be.

Underperforming Emails

You're sending too many emails, or too few emails at the wrong times. Emails look untrustworthy and may not even get delivered.

Limited Visibility

You don't know what's working, or where there's room to improve. Recovery opportunities fly under the radar.

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Stop Fighting Churn with One Hand Tied Behind Your Back

Confidently manage failed payments with full control, transparency, and a partner that knows better than to underestimate the value of improving retention.


Ultimate Flexibility

The flexibility you'd expect from marketing automation software, applied to payment recovery.


Unrivaled Visibility

Monitor performance, track improvements, dive deep into customer payment history.


Continuous Improvement

Rely on the only team with 100% focus on recovering failed payments. All day. Every day.


Recover More Revenue Today

Churn Buster will out-perform any system or your money back.

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Why Customers Love Using Churn Buster


CEOs Love

  • 3 Maximized recovery
  • 3 Complete visibility
  • 3 Reduced team effort
  • 3 Continuous improvement

Developers Love

  • 3 Zero maintenance
  • 3 Easy to implement
  • 3 Keep focus on roadmap
  • 3 Full control, sandbox

Customer Success Loves

  • 3 Manage easily w/o developer
  • 3 See high value opportunites
  • 3 Fewer support requests
  • 3 Measure & improve recovery

But don't take our word for it, take theirs...


"We've been working with Churn Buster since 2016. They've helped us recover millions in compounding gains, and have delivered a 67x return on our investment. Signing up for Churn Buster should be a no-brainer."

Mike salguero

Mike Salguero
Founder & CEO

"If you're running a membership or have any kind of recurring revenue business, don't waste time (or money). Turn Churn Buster on today - it's like free money. Focus on your growth and don't think twice about passive churn."

Syed balkhi

Syed Balkhi
Founder & CEO

"Conversio switched to Churn Buster after using ProfitWell Retain for quite some time. Our primary concern with ProfitWell was their attribution and subsequent reporting. With Churn Buster we now have better reporting, a more cost-efficient solution and a fast-improving product. It has been such pleasure working with the Churn Buster team through the transition and optimization, that I have subsequently invested in the company too!"

Adii pienaar

Adii Pienaar
Founder & CEO


Recover More Revenue Today

Churn Buster will out-perform any system or your money back.

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