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HelloBello calculated 20x ROI and a 12% higher recovery rate with Churn Buster.

Nordic Naturals calculated 10x ROI and a 22% higher recovery rate with Churn Buster.

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"It's a perpetual honeymoon phase with Churn Buster. You get that mutual vibe that they genuinely care about your success and your growth."
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How we deliver for our clients

Powerful Software

Built for the needs of $100M+ brands, our platform leverages leading technology to ensure your retention tactics are always improving.

Actionable Insights

The accurate measurements you need to drive real change. Gut check how you’re doing compared to peers in your vertical with our industry benchmark data.

Proven Playbook

 Achieve leadership-level retention in your vertical. You’ll plug into proven best-practices from other leaders in your industry, while our team leverages your own data to fine-tune your unique approach.

Experienced Team

Our team has been fighting churn for a decade, for companies just like yours. Our senior account managers have your success in mind, and seek to build a trusting partnership with the highest quality insights.

When brands hit a ceiling with their subscriber retention...they come to us.

As brands grow past ~5k subscribers, they typically hit a ceiling with the basic retention tools built into their subscription management platforms (ie Recharge Flows and others).

Insights and data are limited. Basic flow builders don’t allow for a sophisticated testing framework needed for the type of rapid, strategic, and AI-driven optimization needed to improve retention efforts at volume.

Most importantly, retention expertise and guidance is lacking. Even the most sophisticated tool is only as valuable as the results you can achieve with it.

Without deep industry benchmark data or reliable guidance, brands are on their own to navigate retention efforts, priorities, and tactics - investing time and energy without a clear idea of exactly how they’re performing compared to peers in their category.

With Churn Buster, it’s not just about getting industry-leading software.

When brands work with us, they start running a winning playbook built by an expert team of senior retention pros, with success mapped alongside proprietary performance benchmarks gathered from thousands of eCommerce brands.

The Result:
Peak Performance + Retention Confidence

Measurable Results. Guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on our own retention (98.4% MoM). Our clients are clients for life—even those who try other solutions almost always end up coming back.

This wouldn't be achievable without delivering real results.


Average Lift

Over $5 Billion

Under Management


Typical ROI

"We see Churn Buster as a strategic partner for the long-term. It's one of the few solutions we have that's never up for discussion when we talk about cutting costs, or looking at new tech to replace other tech."

John Roman
CEO @ BattlBox

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