Customer Success Manager

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Churn Buster is the leading subscriber retention platform for DTC eCommerce, pioneering best practices for the industry. We’re trusted by some of the biggest brands including Pura Vida, ButcherBox, Athletic Greens, NATIVE, MeUndies, and more.

With over $5 billion in subscription revenue under management, we've been optimizing a better approach to churn for a decade. Our dedication to our customers drives results that speak for themselves—our growth is driven by positive referrals.

Your job will be to amplify the level of service and success that drive these referrals.

What You'll Do

The core responsibilities of this role will include but not be limited to: 

  • Customer support (low volume, exceptional quality and attention to detail)
    Once ramped up, will require deep product knowledge of how CB works and integrates with our partner platforms, and moderate technical troubleshooting skills
  • Help customers understand churn data, analyze CB results
  • Pro account setup/onboarding
  • Account optimization + customer check-ins for key accounts
  • Product demos and follow-ups

Our Promise

We don't ask for trust. We earn it.

Backed by a 100% money back guarantee, Churn Buster will deliver a meaningful impact on the health and efficiency of our clients' businesses through improved retention, higher LTVs, better CX, actionable insights, and expert guidance.

Within 90 days our customers have in place a leading edge, hands-off churn solution that pays for itself with less than a 1% retention improvement. And as always, transparent, accurate visibility to independently verify results.

Stats we're proud of
$5 Billion+
Under management
Spam Complaints
Largest clients (ARR)
Own recovery rate
9 Years+
Longest client relationships
CB's Own All-Time Churn Rate
$5 Billion+
Under management
Spam Complaints

Our Team

We’re a small, distributed team of A+ players and subject matter experts.

Every one of us brings a different skill set, perspective, and background to the table—but our spark comes from our shared values and commitment to making Churn Buster the absolute best place to work for people that embody our ideals:


About your work, and about helping people.


Contribute to a team of values-driven people that love to learn and build great things.

Get started fast, build a first version, take feedback graciously and improve as you go.

Provide a great experience
For customers, treating them as friends.

Get it done
From the founding team to the newest hire, no work is beneath anyone. Embrace the hardest (or most boring) aspects of your work
get the job done, and ask for help if you need it.

Be the expert 
Guide customers to success with a proven process, educating along the way.

Take time to understand problems deeply
Before you try to solve them

Ask the best questions 
Be open, curious, introspective, and err on the side of over-communication.

Go deep for insight
Look for opportunities to go one level deeper to discover and share what’s really going on—with customers, with coworkers, and with yourself.

Look for ten 1% improvements rather than one 10% improvement. Consistently seek actionable, meaningful improvements to our process that can actually be implemented, iterated, measured.

Reject “growth at all costs”
Revenue growth comes at a cost we agree to, and we weigh decisions against our values, our profitability, and our enjoyment at work.

Make time for yourself
Show up fully at work, and continue building a life outside of work rich with quality time for family and friends.

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