Avoid Dunning Mistakes on Repeat

A basic system can be fun to build as a one-time project, but who will keep the gears greased?

When is the last time you looked at your dunning process? Do you have repeat mistakes happening behind the scenes that are going unnoticed?

With all this revenue at-risk month after month, simple oversights can be costly when they take months to discover.

Once you’ve setup your system, routinely watch for broken links, pages that aren’t responding, deliverability issues, updates in your payment processor’s API, etc. What’s measured can be improved, so when you notice a failure point you’ll be able to jump in and fix it.

Automated monitoring systems obviously can help take the load off your team.

Slack alerts are a great way to monitor your process and get notified of issues ASAP. Again, just make sure someone is watching the alerts.

Beyond basic maintenance, here’s an example of something you could watch for:

Customer updates card==> card gets declined==> customer doesn’t try again.

That’s someone showing intent to reactivate, and then being failed by your system.

Reach out to them! Escalate it to customer success! Just don’t let them walk for good.

Depending on your setup, you may automatically reset and start emailing them the same messaging all over again. Or you might see a card update and remove them from future outreach. In either case you'll want jump in and offer help to this customer who is making an effort to pay you.

If it becomes a regular problem, tune up your system so customers are treated to the right experience automatically.


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