Plug Dunning Leaks to Minimize Revenue Churn

There are many, many, many various edge cases that can result in revenue churn. Here are a few worth considering, particularly if you are high-growth or at-scale:

  • What happens if your payment processor’s API is temporarily down?
  • How will customers with multiple subscriptions be handled? Customers with multiple customer IDs? Customers with discounts? In-trial?
  • If a customer’s email address changes in your app — does it also change in your payment processor?
  • How will you be tracking email deliverability?
  • What happens when your company contact changes jobs?
  • If a customer updates their card multiple times, will they be billed multiple times?
  • Will payment be initiated if a customer updates their card after a subscription has been marked as canceled/unpaid?
  • How far back will you collect on delinquent invoices? When collecting on multiple invoices, will you get notified of large balances so you can personally manage the customer experience?
  • (Stripe-specific) Will an invoice be auto-paid if it’s already been closed? What if it’s been forgiven? Will emails continue to be sent?

At Churn Buster we’ve solved for most of these questions. As a fact of life, there will always be more edge cases—and we’ll always be hacking away at them.


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