Help Scout - Churn Buster

Churn Buster integrates with Help Scout

What’s customer success without payment success?

In a word: CHURN.

Yet support teams have limited visibility and scattered tools when it comes to helping customers through payment issues.

It's why Churn Buster has partnered with Help Scout.

For the first time ever, support teams are empowered to help customers when they need help the most: when they are having trouble paying you, and are asking you for help.

“Now you can generate revenue and fight churn in ways that weren’t possible before”
- Matt Goldman, CEO of Churn Buster

Payment Data, Right in Your Help Scout Sidebar

The sidebar integration keeps past-due payment information visible, and actionable, without having to leave your mailbox.

Churn buster help scout

Without leaving your Help Scout conversation thread, you can:

  • View customer subscription amounts, status and history
  • Easily share links to secure payment update pages
  • Link to customer details inside Stripe
  • Link directly to Churn Buster history

Enable the integration here in the Help Scout Integration Directory.