Churn Buster integrates with Slack

We’ve always believed that the true opportunity in B2B payment recovery isn’t in supposed-“algorithms” or machine learning, but rather in not letting valued customers slip through the cracks who actually want to renew.

Our integration with Slack includes weekly digests summarizing performance, as well as alerts so you can track high-value opportunities, and issues, allowing you to retain as many customers as possible.

Cool Example: Bounce Alerts

When an email bounces in Churn Buster, it can be a sign of some common issues:

  1. When Janet leaves Lightning Bolts, Inc. leaving you without a point-of-contact for your most-valuable customer.
  2. When Dave types in his email address wrong when signing up for your service (dave@gmail.con) and it never gets corrected.

These scenarios lead to a bad point-of-contact, and a “bounce” when you try to email them. When you email them to ask for a new credit card after their original card eventually fails, you won’t be getting a response. And you’ll be churning a customer who may have stayed with you for months and years to come.

For a company that bills customers on a recurring basis, an email bounce is a guarantee of future churn.

With the Churn Buster Slack integration, you can now receive live notifications whenever an email bounces or is marked as spam. Your team can use these alerts to jump into action, retaining a high-value customer who may have otherwise churned 👍

You can configure the integration in your account by going to Settings > Integrations > Slack, and clicking "Add to Slack". Or sign up for Churn Buster today.