Are you engaging your customers and creating relationships built to last?

Retaining more customers not only increases the average Lifetime Value of a customer (LTV), but significantly impacts your entire company's health. And if you’re ready to make retention a priority in your business, you need to be consistently communicating with your customers.

How can you proactively prevent churn? The answer is in the inbox.

Maybe you think of retention as the final act of “saving” a customer. That’s a normal starting point. But in reality,the most successful companies focus on retention in every aspect of the customer journey—from day 1. But, keeping up a constant flow of engagement can keep your hands full...

In this live training with Churn Buster’s own Kristen DeCosta, we will be exploring specific ways you can maximize retention with only one channel: Email.

What you'll learn:
  • Bolt gradientHow to leverage email to improve retention

  • Bolt gradient8 specific emails you should be sending

  • Bolt gradientBest practices for your retention emails

  • Bolt gradientAnd more!

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