Does your company underestimate the real and comprehensive impact of improving retention rate?

Higher retention rates not only increase the average Lifetime Value of a customer (LTV), but will also significantly impact your entire company's valuation. Even a 1% difference in churn can mean a difference of millions of dollars in your company’s assessed value.

Where should you focus your retention efforts? The answer may surprise you.

Founders often think of retention as the final act of “saving” a customer. But in reality, successful companies focus on retention in every aspect of the customer journey—from onboarding to product development to churn.

In this live training with Appcues, Churn Buster, and Customer.io, we will be exploring specific ways you can maximize retention during the entire customer lifecycle.

What you'll learn:
  • Bolt gradientThe keys to optimizing your onboarding process

  • Bolt gradientLeveraging data to improve your customer communication

  • Bolt gradientHow to establish trust and credibility in your retention efforts

  • Bolt gradientAnd more!

Webinar ResourcesChurn Prevention Roadmap: Strategies Throughout the Customer Journey

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