Did you know that churn can severely impact not only your ARR, but your entire company valuation?

Churn is one of the least talked about, but most important, aspects of running a successful SaaS business. Even a 1% difference in churn can make a difference of millions of dollars on your valuation.

In this live training, Churn Buster CEO Matt Goldman shares top strategies you can start using to reduce churn TODAY.

You'll Learn:
  • Bolt gradientThe #1 mistake SaaS companies make with churn emails. Eliminating this one common error will reduce your emails by 20%.

  • Bolt gradientHow to recover an extra 10-20% in payments with optimal scheduling. This is, by far, the easiest way to make an immediate impact on your churn.

  • Bolt gradientThe “ghost” churn that is killing your revenue (without you knowing it). Countless SaaS companies have lost significant monthly revenue without ever seeing it in their metrics.

  • ...and more!

Meet Your Hosts
Matt goldman churnbuster headshot

Matt GoldmanCEO of Churn Buster

Kris headshot

Kris SharmaChurn Coach

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