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Announcements, features, and tactics to fight churn


Cancel Flows (New Product)

In addition to tackling passive churn, Churn Buster helps you reduce active churn by improving the cancellation experience.

Cancel Flows give your customers a beautifully branded landing page when they click to cancel, with targeted offers to prevent cancellations along with testing and analytics to improve over time.

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Capture for Recharge

Capture pages intelligently routes customers to the right place to update billing information with no login required.

  • Deliver a better customer experience around card updates, even while you make changes to your customer portal
  • Automatically assign new cards to the correct subscription (no extra steps!)
  • Migrate to Shopify Checkout (SCI) with a seamless card update experience

On top of improved reliability, you also get improved performance. Capture outperformed other methods by 35% in testing.

Contact support@churnbuster.io to check if you're using this upgraded functionality.

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Churn Buster is fully compatible with SCI, as a Recharge Premier tech partner.


🎉 CB awarded Premier status at Recharge

Since 2018, as a Recharge tech partner, Churn Buster has helped fast-growing merchants retain hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and millions of subscribers. With this premier partnership, Recharge merchants will be able to tap into even greater benefits of optimized retention, increased LTV, and improved business health as they scale.

“Churn Buster has proven to be a powerful churn prevention tool for many of the merchants who use Recharge over the years.This new elevated tech partnership is part of an already valuable integration that we will continue to improve upon for our merchants as they continue to grow.”

—Matt Houlemard, Technology Partnerships Manager at Recharge

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Improved Email Editor

Now you can more easily align your brand, tweak your templates, and personalize messaging with our new email editor which includes a Preview toggle to see updates in real time — without the need to send a test email.



Add an automated email alert to your support team to manually reach out to at-risk customers. These can even be filtered based on order value to keep an eye on your highest-value customers!

New eCommerce Integrations!

Smartrr and Bold eCommerce merchants can now use Churn Buster to upgrade their retention process. Contact support@churnbuster.io to get started.


A/B Testing

Run full-fledged A/B testing to optimize subject lines, increase open/action rates, and improve your recovery performance.

Last Chance Offers

Add a Last Chance Offer to save reluctant subscribers. These can be incorporated as quick action links or simple manual reply management on your end.


Custom Recharge properties

You can add subscription names, charge error, custom properties (like location or dog's name), and more into the email templates.

Recharge compatibility with Shopify Checkout (SCI)

Churn Buster is a verified SCI integration — fully compatible with Recharge merchants using Shopify Payments.


Cumulative Recovery Rate

The Daily Performance Breakdown chart (at the bottom of the Dashboard) now includes a cumulative recovery line. This chart shows the growing value across the full length of your campaigns.

Hover over the last day in your campaign to see the total recovery rate. Then, hover over a day mid-way through the campaign. See any difference?

If so, that's the churn that was saved by running a longer dunning process.

$/# Toggle

If you have a range of subscription intervals, or annual and monthly payments, your month-to-month numbers can really jump around. Viewing your charting as a # of customers, instead of as an amount of revenue, will often present a more consistent view of your recovery rate.

Said differently, the campaign count (#) chart removes the variance of larger subscription values to focus on per-customer recovery.

You'll find this new toggle in the top left of the main dashboard.

Sort by Amount Past-Due

Sorting by Amount allows you to easily navigate your campaign list and identify high-value opportunities. Our B2B clients were requesting this feature, but it can also work for B2C serving high-end markets.

You can also sort by Time Left to spot customers who recently failed payment, and customers that may churn soon.

You'll find these sort options at the top of your Active Campaigns list.

Improved Campaign History Export

You'll find the export option at the top of any campaign list.

And now Pro account exports can include custom columns. This is a massively powerful tool -- consider adding a column for subscription types, or for any other important business variable. If there’s any data you’d like to include in your export, email support@churnbuster.io.

New Integration: Square

Subscription companies using Square can now use Churn Buster to upgrade the customer experience around failed payments! Contact the Churn Buster team to get started and level up your recovery today.

Multi-Currency Support (ReCharge)

ReCharge integrations show campaign data in the currency that customers are billed in.


Quarterly Learnings Report

We published another Quarterly Learnings Report to share best practices, latest strategies, and case studies.

Help Documentation Search

A new search bar tool in the Support Center makes finding answers easier than ever.

Snappier Performance

Significant work was put in to upgrade performance throughout the app to speed up load times of large database queries.

Customer Profile Pages

Revamped customer/campaign pages give billing support teams better tools and visibility in a single profile view.

Custom Capture Text Fields (Stripe/Braintree)

Additional text fields are available on the Capture page to provide a description or special instructions to your customers. Contact the Churn Buster team if interested in this feature.


SMS for Stripe

Our premium SMS Nudge feature is now available for Stripe integrations.

Quarterly Learnings Report

We published our first Quarterly Learnings Report to share best practices, latest strategies, and case studies.

New Integration Docs

New docs make it easy to get started with these integrations:

New Integration: Ordergroove

Subscription eCommerce companies using Ordergroove + Shopify Plus can now use Churn Buster to upgrade the customer experience around failed payments! Contact the Churn Buster team to get started and level up your recovery today.


Email Preview

Preview email templates with the click of a button on the campaign schedule.

Expanded SMS Nudge

SMS now sends to your customers in UK, Australia, and Canada.

New Integration: Upscribe

Subscription eCommerce companies using Upscribe + Shopify Plus now have an upgraded dunning option with Churn Buster! Contact the Churn Buster team to get started and level up your recovery today.

Campaign Details

Individual active campaign pages show completed actions as well as upcoming scheduled actions, giving support teams a deeper look at specific customers.


Daily Breakdown Chart

The dashboard now includes a daily breakdown chart showing when recoveries and cancellations take place within the campaign window.

New Help Center

We did a serious revamp on our Help Center, moving all support docs to our own custom design and layout. The new visual organization makes it even easier to get the most out of your failed payments recovery process. Check it out here >

Updated Campaign View

The campaign schedule now features a more streamlined view so you can see the moving parts more clearly and comprehensively.

SMS metrics

Campaign stats show SMS sent and updated rates.

More data in exports

Campaign exports now include customer metadata for enhanced filtering and analysis.

At-risk list value sorting

The At-Risk List now sorts by campaign value, making it easy to spot the biggest save opportunities.


Campaign sorting

The active/recovered/lost campaign lists are now easier to scan and more useful for spotting campaigns nearing completion at a glance.

  • The Active Campaigns page now sorts by campaign end date (ending soonest) rather than start date (started most recently). All campaign list pages now show the time of day if the campaign ended or will end today, and the date instead of the time if not today. Hovering shows the full date and time in your local timezone.

New recovery rate modal

The Dashboard now includes a link ("What impacts Recovery Rate?") that presents factors contributing to the natural variance observed in recovery rate metrics.

SMS nudge

Send your customers a text message when emails aren't getting through — so no customer gets left behind.

  • Specific customer opt-in isn't required, and high-quality responses are relayed to your support team via email.
  • Premium feature: $50/mo add-on for standard plans. Included at no additional cost with Pro accounts.
  • Contact support@churnbuster.io to add SMS to your campaign.

Translatable Capture pages

Card update pages can be translated into any language. And if there's a problem, let customers know right away — with translated error messages.

Email notifications

Get campaign event alerts sent directly to any inbox — configured on the Notifications page.

Enhanced campaign functionality (Stripe)

When an invoice in Stripe is voided or marked uncollectible, the campaign for the associated subscription stops immediately.


Campaign exports sent to email

Campaign exports are now sent as an email to eliminate waiting on the page and to more easily share the export file with teammates.

New setting for subscriptions coming out of trial (Stripe)

A new account setting (activated by request) starts campaigns for failed payments that don't have a payment method on file.

Improved card edit pages (ReCharge)

Customize your card edit page for increased brand recognition and trustworthiness. Step-by-step instructions and sample code are provided! Learn how >


Links to other account pages (ReCharge)

ReCharge merchants can explore methods for linking to additional customer account pages from Churn Buster emails. See how >

Resource for addressing passive churn

An improved and updated educational resource (linked on the lost campaigns list) provides next steps for addressing passive churn. Check out Passive Churn Next Steps



Badge for Retry Recoveries

The Recovered list now shows a badge next to customers recovered via retry.

Improved Handling of Rescheduled Order Dates (ReCharge)

Rescheduling an order date in ReCharge automatically stops the past-due customer's campaign so they are contacted only when appropriate. Learn more >

Surfaced Cancellation Setting

The campaign schedule now shows whether or not you have the cancellation account setting activated or not (for Stripe integration).

  • This setting allows Churn Buster to cancel subscriptions if your customers reach the end of a campaign without a successful recovery.

Capture Error Messages (Stripe)

Your customers receive more detailed and accurate reporting from Stripe when Capture page submissions fail.

Email Performance Stats

New insights into how your campaign emails are performing are available on the Campaigns page.

No More "Powered by" Badge

"Start" account emails take on a more personal feel, no longer featuring a "Powered by Churn Buster" badge at the bottom.

Improved Capture Page Visuals

Optimized logo display sizes on Capture pages provide even more enticement for your customers to update their card details.



Enhanced Charting

More intuitive, insightful, and aesthetically-pleasing charting available in your dashboard.

SCA Compliance

Capture pages are fully SCA complaint, supporting 3D Secure 2.0 with a focus on providing a low-friction experience for your customers.  

Expanded Integrations (Slack, Zapier, and Webhook)

Churn Buster expanded its Slack, Zapier, and Webhook integrations to include new campaign events: Campaign Lost, Campaign Recovered, and Campaign Started.

Customer Email Address on Capture Forms

Customers recognize the capture form is uniquely-generated for them by having the customer's email address listed at the bottom of the form, leading to increased trust and conversion.


Branded Email Templates

Give your emails a professional, stylized look with the click of a button.

Retry Stats Box

New stats box on the Campaign page adds more visibility into this unique Churn Buster focus: retry wins.

On average, 21% of payments can be recovered through retries that happen before the first email is even sent. This is extremely beneficial because it means you can recover tons of payments without ever bothering your customer—better customer experience, fewer support demands, and lower cancellation risk.



At-Risk Button

The new at-risk filter on the Active Campaigns list gives visibility into customers that you haven't been able to reach.

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