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Monitor performance with full visibility

Recovered revenue

Track Recovery Sources

View a real-time breakdown of where recoveries are happening, and let it drive the optimization of your campaigns.

  • 3 Optimize retries
  • 3 Send fewer emails
  • 3 Spot anomalies
  • 3 Identify trends
Recovery rate

Monitor Performance

Quantify effectiveness of campaign optimizations over time with recovery rate metrics.

  • 3 Identify trends
  • 3 Set benchmarks
  • 3 Forecast recovery
  • 3 Monitor performance


Increase Recovery with Full Visibility

Without a clear picture of what's happening, you aren't able to optimize as you grow. Churn Buster gives you deep visibility into every customer and their campaign history, so you can recover as much as possible, especially when manual intervention is required.

Current opportunity
Monitor Current Opportunity

Real-time snapshots of what's at risk and what campaigns are running.

Customer status
View Customer Status

Drill down to view customer details, edit, pause or stop campaigns to individual customers.

Activity feed
Stream Failed Payment Activity

Use the activity feed to monitor failed payments, card updates, and campaign wins/losses. Keep your finger on the pulse of your failed payments.

Customer search
Search for Any Customer

See which emails a customer has received from Churn Buster and what is scheduled. Copy a unique, secure link for any customer to update their card.

Bounce indicator
Track Email Bounces & Opens

Stop sending emails into the abyss. Know when a customer isn't receiving your emails due to bounces, or going to the spam or promotions folder.

Enable your support team to intervene to find a better contact or fix a misspelled email address.

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