Level up your ReCharge account and maximize failed payment recovery

Add on Churn Buster with a few clicks and automatically retain more customers


The #1 Dunning Integration for ReCharge Companies

Built to scale, we've safeguarded over $1 billion of recurring payments

"It’s rare that we see an app integration that delivers compounding gains for our customers, and guarantees positive ROI. The fact that Churn Buster can be enabled in your ReCharge account with just a few clicks is icing on the cake. I’m thrilled to be able to offer Churn Buster on the ReCharge platform!"

Kevin Lew

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Up to 20% of credit card payments fail

When that happens, ReCharge starts a schedule of automated retries and automated emails to try and recover the customer.

This basic process is a great safety net when you're just getting started. But, as your business grows, the room for improvement (and the impact of optimizing recovery) grows with it.

You'll need to add a sophisticated layer of armor to your ReCharge account to maximize failed payment recovery, boost retention, and yes, make more money.

That's where Churn Buster comes in...


Recover More Revenue

Churn Buster's advanced dunning system plugs right into your ReCharge account and works in the background to maximize failed payment recovery.

You'll also benefit from...

More Effective Emails

Recover more customers with branded email campaigns proven to maximize recovery and reduce churn.

  • 3 Your branding
  • 3 Your tone of voice
  • 3 Emails come from your domain
  • 3 Control/optimize send schedules
  • 3 Run variable campaigns to different customers
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Full Visibility

Improve recovery with actionable insights about what's working and what's not.

  • 3 Track recovery sources
  • 3 Monitor performance over time
  • 3 Track email bounces and opens
  • 3 Stream failed payment activity
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Instant Notifications via Slack or Email

Monitor performance and correct issues before they become churn.

  • 3 Email bounces
  • 3 Campaigns won/lost
  • 3 Customer recovered (and how much)
  • 3 And more
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"Turn Churn Buster on today - it's like free money. Focus on your growth and don't think twice about passive churn."

Syed Balkhi, CEO

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How Much More Could You Make with Churn Buster?

New money in the bank during your first year with Churn Buster

New Money in the Bank


This is the compounding result of the additional MRR you'll add during the coming year.

The additional MRR is a result of Churn Buster improving your recovery rate by an estimated -%.

Return on Investment

Churn Buster will cost /mo. That's the same as your current system. Using Churn Buster will improve your performance, without additional investment.That's /mo less than your current system.That's only /mo more than your current system.


Calculating ROI...

12-month projections are on the way.

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Setup is easy and only takes a couple minutes.
Risk Free - 90-day money back guarantee.

"Churn Buster has helped us recover millions in compounding gains, and has delivered a 67x return on our investment. Signing up for Churn Buster should be a no-brainer."

Mike Salguero
Founder & CEO

With Churn Buster and ReCharge, Everybody Wins

Your customers receive best-in-class service, your team spends less time supporting payment issues, and your company retains more revenue.

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Risk Free — 90-day money back guarantee