Stop losing subscribers to failed payments

With a click, turn on the gold standard in dunning practices used by top e-commerce brands. Level-up your ReCharge account and start recovering subscribers today.

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You're in Good Hands (and Good Company)

Safeguarding over $1 billion of recurring payments for world-class eCommerce companies

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"It’s rare that we see an app integration that guarantees positive ROI. The fact that Churn Buster can be enabled in your ReCharge account with just a few clicks is icing on the cake. I’m thrilled to be able to offer Churn Buster on the ReCharge platform!"

Kevin Lew

Integrations & Technology Partnerships at ReCharge

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A Better Way to Recover Failed Payments

Uniquely customer-centric, Churn Buster's one-of-a-kind approach puts customer experience at the forefront of recovery. The results: more recoveries, happier customers, extended LTVs.


Better Results. Fewer Emails.

Clear more payments with Churn Buster's decoupled retry logic

Stop emailing customers with every card reattempt! Resolve a larger portion of payment issues (like soft declines) without ever needing to bother your customer or interupt service.

Maximizing recovery via card retries means:
  • 3Fewer, better emails sent to your customers
  • 3Fewer support issues raised to your team
  • 3Fewer active (frustrated) cancellations
  • 3More payments resolved automatically (30%+)
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Recovery Campaigns, Done-for-You

eCommerce optimized recovery campaigns, right-outta-the-box

Turn on the templates, presets, and send schedules proven to work wonders for top eCommerce brands like ButcherBox and Kettle & Fire.

The hard work has been done for you (even the copywriting) - just flip the switch and reap the results of years of optimization.
(It's really that easy.)

(And yes, you can customize any aspect of your campaigns.)

No Customer Left Behind

Powerful safeguards ensure no customer churns passively

Use creative solutions to engage non-responsive customers before they churn.

  • 3 Trigger SMS at key intervals of recovery
  • 3 Alert your team of high-value churn risks
  • 3 Exports for retargeting campaigns
  • 3 And so much more
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Full Visibility

No more guesswork about what's working (and what's not).

Finally, take control of your passive churn and remove the headache of dealing with failed payments at scale. Get the visibility and payment data you've been missing, and a dashboard that has everything you need to plug the leak, right at your fingertips.

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"Churn Buster has helped us recover millions in compounding gains, and has delivered a 67x return on our investment. Signing up for Churn Buster should be a no-brainer."

Mike salguero

Mike Salguero

CEO of ButcherBox

Simple Pricing

Churn Buster pricing scales with the growth of your company, ensuring you always get positive ROI.

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Per $50k of Monthly Recurring Revenue

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  • 3FREE until your first recovery
  • 3Simple no-code setup
  • 3Cancel anytime

Just Getting Started?

Hop on our free plan until you hit $5k in monthly recurring revenue.

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"Churn Buster dramatically reduced our churn from failed payments."


Nadine McCrindle

Director of Marketing

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"Adding Churn Buster to our ReCharge account has been a game-changer. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with such a professional team."

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Wilson Hung

Director of Growth

It’s Never Been Easier to Recover Failed Payments

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