Dunning Emails

You should only ask for a new credit card when action is required. And you can recover up to 20% of charges just by retrying the card.

Churn Buster Recovery Funnels are designed with this in mind. Instead of sending out emails with every failed payment attempt, send times are optimized to be the right time for your customer.

Emails are customizable, come from the sender of your choice, and can be authenticated with SPF/DKIM for the absolute best deliverability. They are your best defense against failures caused by card reissues, unresolvable expiration dates, insufficient funds and more.

white-label customer experience

Your Branding

Emails contain your branding, tone, and voice.

Your Address

Emails come from your address, not ours.

Your Voice

Emails can be customized to suit the tone of your company.

Pre-Dunning Emails

(Not recommended)

We built this feature when it was a good idea to warn customer before their card expired. Now Stripe's Card Updater fixes 70% of expiring cards automatically. We leave pre-dunning off by default.

Visit this link to see your card updates happening.

Most will look like this:

See that “Source: Automatic” bit? That’s card updater at-work! 💳

Optimized Retry Schedule

In most cases, we'll retry a card twice before sending a single email. This is a non-intrusive fix for issues like daily spending limits, temporary holds, and processing timeouts.

When a customer updates their card, Churn Buster will automatically make reattempts on an unpaid invoice. With the right logic in place, revenue will continue recurring without a hitch.

After the retries, Churn Buster keeps going.

Card Update Landing Pages

When a customer is ready to update a card, our goal is to remove every single obstacle. This means no login is required so your customers don't have to track down an old password.

Update pages are hosted on your website and feature your brand—100% white label with no mention of Churn Buster, so you'll never be mistaken for a phishing scam.

And by utilizing iFrame technology outside of your web application, these pages are guaranteed not to break with your next code push. Data passes securely through to Stripe, and invoices get paid.

mobile optimized to maximize recoveries

Over 70% of our clients' customers update cards on their phones. We make sure the update pages are responsive for mobile devices, and tested across thousands of browser/device/OS combinations.

Extended Recovery Time

Not being limited to Stripe's retry schedule has more big advantages.

Long after Stripe would have abandoned an invoice, Churn Buster doesn't give up. Sometimes people are still seeking budget approval, or waiting on a card reissue, or they go on vacation and haven't seen your email. Extended Recovery Funnels give them more time to take action on a past-due account.

At the end of your Recovery Funnel, you can either cancel the subscription or leave as unpaid for future attempts.

Subscription Reactivation

Acquiring a new card-on-file doesn't always mean a subscription is reactivated.

Recover Past-Due Balances

When a customer updates their card, we’ll look back 30 days or more to pay down unpaid invoices. This addresses a common edge case where one unpaid invoice will pause a customers payment schedule until addressed.

Ensure Future Payments will Clear

Subscriptions that have been marked as unpaid will be brought back into an active state, automatically. This ensures ALL future invoices will recur as expected.

In-app Notifications

When customers are regularly logging into your app, serving in-app notifications can be highly effective for resolving credit card issues.

An abundance of in-app messaging services are on the market. Instead of adding one more layer of complexity to your app—and a potential conflict—we prefer to work with your existing setup.

We'll help you build the best process for driving customers to your billing page, often resolving an issue before emails are necessary.

No BS Metrics

At a glance you'll be able to see the number of customers past-due, and the total revenue at-risk. You'll also see recent failed payments, retention metrics, email performance, and specific customers recovered—linked to their Stripe Customer ID for easy reference.

track recovery sources

We make the recovery source visible, so you know where the money is coming from.

When revenue is captured via Reattempts and Pre-emptive updates, it's all about what we don't do (start blasting emails right away) rather than what we do... do. :)

We do nothing to prompt certain updates, other than build technology that knows when it should/shouldn't get involved. An intelligent approach is what makes Churn Buster technology totally unique. A difference you will see reflected in performance metrics you can trust.

Continuous Optimization

At a large enough scale, patterns begin to emerge that you simply can't see otherwise.

We leverage millions of data points to bring you the best technology on the market today, and an even better process tomorrow. With Churn Buster as your churn prevention partner, you'll have a team working full-time behind the scenes to make sure we are always improving.

Marginal gains of a few decimal points won't be felt right away, but as they stack up and your revenue compounds... you'll be in a stronger position with each passing month.

Leadership team: Ken, Andrew, Matt and Joelle


We're the only team focused 100% on solving this problem. The human dedication and hustle behind Churn Buster ensures you, and your customers, are in the best possible hands.

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We know one size doesn't always fit all. Our team is constantly looking for new ways to integrate with your existing tool set to make Churn Buster work even better for your team, processes, and custom needs.

Written-Off Webhook

If you prefer to cancel subscriptions in-app rather than in Stripe, and leave them marked as unpaid instead, we can notify you each time a customer reaches the end of our recovery process. Feed this back into your CRM, import them into a remarketing email campaign, or stay on top of high-value customers who aren’t making payments.

Customer Details API

Not syncing your customer data with Stripe? It’s not a problem with our Customer Details API. This lets our apps communicate with each other, so the most current contact information is always being used when sending emails. This API also enables endless opportunities for email personalization, with any type of customer data you store.

Help Scout Integration

Empower your entire support and customer success team to fight churn, right from their current Help Scout conversations. With payment data, right in your Help Scout sidebar, you'll have instant visibility into past-due payment information, and actionable links to card upate pages, Stripe and Churn Buster history. All without having to leave your mailbox.

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