Smart campaigns to recover more failed payments (with fewer emails).

Dunning Emails

Why ask for a new credit card unless action is required? Over 20% of charges are often cleared just by retrying the card!

Churn Buster campaigns are built with this in mind.

Instead of sending emails with every failed payment attempt—basic logic suited for companies just starting out—emails are scheduled after retries have failed. And after the retry period, campaigns keep going.

Emails are customizable, sent from multiple email addresses, and authenticated with SPF/DKIM so they get to the inbox looking right. They are your best defense against failures caused by card reissues, unresolvable expiration dates, insufficient funds and more.

White-label customer experience

Your Branding

Custom HTML to match your brand.

Your Company

Emails are sent from you, not us.

Your Voice

Messaging is provided, editable to suit your tone.

Pre-Dunning Emails

(Not recommended)

It used to be a good idea to warn customers before cards expired. Now Stripe's Card Updater fixes most expiring cards automatically. We leave pre-dunning off by default.

Visit this link to see your card updates happening.

Most will look like this:

See that “Source: Automatic” bit? That’s card updater at-work! 💳

Optimized Retry Schedule

In most cases, Churn Buster allows two retries on the existing card before contacting a customer. This is a customer friendly fix for issues like daily spending limits, temporary holds, and processing timeouts.

When a card is updated, Churn Buster automatically reattempts unpaid invoice(s). With the right logic in place, revenue will continue recurring without a hitch.

After the retries, Churn Buster keeps going.

Card Update Landing Pages

When a customer is ready to update a card, don't get in their way! Churn Buster links to landing pages with no login required, so customers won't have to remember a password.

Pages are hosted securely on your domain, so your customers will know and trust the URL.

And by utilizing software outside of your core application, these pages won't break with your next code push. Data passes securely through to Stripe, and invoices get paid.

Mobile optimized to maximize recoveries

Many customers update cards on their phone. Churn Buster pages are mobile responsive, and tested across thousands of browser/device/OS combinations.

No BS Metrics

Stay on top of past-due payments, retention performance, email deliverabilty and more. Customers are linked to their Stripe Customer ID for easy reference, and detailed reporting is available by request.

Track recovery sources

We make the recovery source visible, so you know where the money is coming from.

When revenue is captured via Reattempts and Pre-emptive updates (before an email is sent), Churn Buster reports it separately from email-driven card updates.

Smart campaigns make the Churn Buster experience totally unique. A difference you will see in performance metrics you can trust.

Continuous Optimization

At a large enough scale, patterns begin to emerge that you simply can't see otherwise.

We leverage millions of data points to bring you the best practices, and an even better process tomorrow. With Churn Buster you're hiring a team to work full-time making sure your failed payment recovery improves, instead of falling behind the times.

Marginal gains seem minor to start, but as they stack up and your revenue compounds... you'll be smiling with each passing month.

Leadership team: Ken, Andrew, Matt and Joelle


Our team is focused 100% on ending involuntary churn. We're committed to helping our partners succeed, and as a profitable, bootstrapped company we're in this for the long haul.

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