A/B Tests

A/B Tests

With Churn Buster, you can run A/B tests to optimize your recovery process.

  • A single variable should be isolated to test — anything from email content to landing page to campaign timing.
  • Because of the volume needed for statistical significance, A/B testing is a Pro feature.

Customer feedback should be the signal whether an A/B test should be conducted.

For example, if your customer support team commonly responds to confusion or frustration around subscriber payment issues, this could point to an effective testing area.

  • Customers regularly replying to emails confused about how to fix their payment issue
  • Customers wondering if the emails are legit (i.e. actually from your company)
  • Your support team incorporating specific messaging, greetings, or references in customer communications that aren't currently used in your templates

A/B tests that often produce clear results

  • Sending customers to two different landing pages to see which converts better.
  • Running a longer recovery window— e.g. testing a 60-day campaign vs. a 30-day campaign.
  • Adding a Last Chance Offer.

A/B tests that are often hit-or-miss

  • Drastically changing up email content to see if messaging that is highly branded with benefits statements perform better than default/simpler messaging.
  • Changing the sender display name from (Your Company) to (Your Company Customer Support) — Though it doesn't seem like much, a few companies increased recovery rate by over 1-2 percentage points by testing the sender display name.
  • Running a new subject line against the default, or
  • Testing a full custom HTML template against the default.

Implementation & Timing

Contact the Churn Buster team to explore whether running an A/B test looks feasible or not.

The Churn Buster team sets up the test, monitors for validity, and concludes the test. We can provide you with a way to track the test while it's running if desired.

A/B tests generally take 8-12 weeks to run to completion, though they can take up to 6 months.