SMS Nudge

SMS Nudge

Send your customers a text message "nudge" when emails aren't getting a response.

SMS Nudge makes it easy to add a multi-channel element to your recovery campaign — so no customer gets left behind.

  • SMS Nudge is a premium feature, included at no additional cost for Churn Buster Pro accounts.
  • Timing is configured by Churn Buster based on your campaign schedule. If you need more control over SMS scheduling, we can trigger SMS via an outside service to be configured on your end.

Stripe & Braintree: phone numbers must be stored in customer details to use SMS Nudge.

SMS can also be triggered via an outside sender.

Key guidelines for brands curious about SMS:

  • SMS should only be used in cases where it would be a welcome and valuable service to the customer type. This may exclude some naturally high-churn business models.
  • As a transactional message, specific customer opt-in isn't required. Opting into a subscription is consent to have that subscription fulfilled, and the obligation is to responsibly deliver on that promise unless explicitly asked not to.
  • Information unrelated to the prompt renewal of the current order is never included (no marketing via promotions, coupons, cross-sells, etc.).
  • SMS is used as an escalation, not as a primary tactic.
  • Churn Buster will only send a single text within a campaign, though opt-outs are available to suppress sending in response to any future failed payments.