Send your customers a text message "nudge" when emails aren't getting a response.

Churn Buster makes it easy to add a multi-channel element to your recovery campaign — so no customer gets left behind.

  • SMS Nudge is a premium feature for ReCharge and Stripe integrations, included at no additional cost with Churn Buster Pro accounts ($50/mo add-on for standard plans).
  • As a transactional message, specific customer opt-in isn't required.
  • Reply Monitoring is included, with high-quality responses relayed promptly to your support team via email.
  • Contact the Churn Buster team to add SMS to your campaign.

To incorporate SMS with an outside messaging service, you can set up a campaign escalation.


Key guidelines for brands curious about SMS:

  • SMS Nudge should only be used in cases where it would be a welcome and valuable service to the customer type. This may exclude some naturally high-churn business models.
  • Opting into a subscription is consent to have that subscription fulfilled, and the obligation is to responsibly deliver on that promise unless explicitly asked not to.
  • Information unrelated to the prompt renewal of the current order is never included (no marketing via promotions, coupons, cross-sells, etc.).
  • SMS is used as an escalation, not as a primary tactic.
  • Churn Buster will only send a single text within a campaign, though opt-outs are available to suppress sending in response to any future failed payments.