Adaptive Campaigns

Adaptive Campaigns

Dunning reduces passive churn by recovering failed subscription payments and minimizing active cancelations.

Churn Buster monitors your subscription billing system for failed recurring payments. When a payment fails, a campaign begins to optimally recover the subscription.

Campaigns can include a combination of Retries, Emails, SMS, Escalation to Support, and eventual Subscription Cancellation.

Adaptive Campaigns are created based on unique customer attributes and/or decline reasons to maximize performance, with payment recovery attempted for up to a full month by default.


After a failed payment, Churn Buster allows multiple retries to the card-on-file before outreach begins.

Many soft declines can be resolved behind the scenes (15% on average!) before asking your customers for a new card-on-file. This means fewer emails sent, lower cancellation risk, less load on your support team, and a better experience for your subscribers.

Retries are regularly attempted throughout the campaign window.

Card Updates

Customer outreach includes a series of pre-written, editable emails, increasing in urgency across several weeks of follow-up.

Emails are sent from your company, without direct mention of Churn Buster.

Each email includes a link to the most efficient path for updating a payment method.

Other Escalations

Churn Buster offers many targeted options for your recovery process — you can add SMS Nudge, support team escalations, and more.


Out-of-the-box, Churn Buster often retains 20%+ more than less-efficient systems while reducing support loads on your team.

The problem of involuntary churn is a tricky one to solve. With the right process in place, Churn Buster provides a solid foundation to build on for years to come as you continually minimize churn.


You may cancel service with Churn Buster anytime, or as stipulated in your signed service agreement if you have one (non-standard). Please contact support@churnbuster.io to assist with your account closing.