Data & Testing

Data & Testing

With Churn Buster data, you can track recovery, spot gaps, and make improvements to keep passive churn at a minimum.

Dashboard and Recovery Rate

Campaigns start as soon as failed payments are detected. These accumulate in the dashboard based on the month the campaign starts.

Monthly data generally summarizes near the end of the following month, when all campaigns have finalized.

Recovery rate calculates based on the monetary amount recovered divided by the total monetary amount of failed payments.


Note: No distinction is made in terms of recovery source. Specific source attribution can be verified in Churn Buster customer profiles and your subscription management tool.

Campaign Metrics

The campaign view shows performance at each step of the process:

Data Export and Further Analysis

You can export campaign data (link at bottom of this page) to plug it into other data tools or conduct further analysis.

  • EXAMPLE: Passive Churn Cohort Analysis (Google Sheet). This spreadsheet shows an example of how to use the VLOOKUP formula to correlate Churn Buster data with data from your subscription management tool for a specific use case.

Continuous Improvement

The Churn Buster platform is constantly improving, incorporating industry best practices and optimizing over time. Your campaign can be optimized over time as customer feedback presents opportunities. Read more in our Campaign Optimization article.