Cancel Flows
Testing Cancel Flows (Customer Preview)

Testing Cancel Flows (Customer Preview)

There are two ways to click through your cancel flows as a customer would see them.

1. Preview in Churn Buster

From your Cancel Flows editor, click the Preview option at the top right of the page.

This will take you into a simulated cancellation session for whichever cancel flow you are currently editing.

This is a great way to run through the experience of each cancellation reason a customer could choose, and review your confirmation dialogues after offers are accepted.

2.  Preview in Recharge

Want to test Cancel Flows in a live Customer Portal?

From Recharge, go to a customer's Subscriptions page and click on one of their active subscriptions.

Add &churn_buster=test to the URL, and reload the page. Clicking Cancel Subscription will start a test cancel session (if not, let our team know and we can troubleshoot your installation).

This is a great way to validate customer segmentation, with unique flows showing to certain types of customers (based on the product they are subscribed to, their loyalty status, or any other attribute).