Cancel Flows


Segmentation is an advanced feature available on Churn Buster Pro plans, that routes different types of subscribers into unique Cancel Flows.

Note: Segmentation is also available for Dunning campaigns.

Business models with two distinct types of subscriptions are a common use case for Segmentation. For example, offering Memberships alongside a Subscribe & Save model.

Memberships (on the left) cancel for different reasons than Subscriptions (on the right)

In any situation where you want to show specific Reasons or Deflections to a specific customer type, Segmentation is a powerful tool.

Some examples:

  • When "skipping" an order is a good option for some customers, but not others
  • You have specific cancel Reasons that don't apply to all customers
  • There are VIP customers who deserve elevated offers, like premium support or perks

If you are on a Pro plan and have a good use case for Segmentation, contact the Churn Buster team for help with setup.