Cancel Flows


When a customer enters a Cancel Flow, they are first presented with information that could help them stay subscribed.

These on-page elements are called Deflections, with easy options to exit the cancellation flow. Deflections are most often used to remind customers of the value of being a subscriber, and/or to suggest taking a break from the subscription without fully opting out.

When presenting the value of being a subscriber, there are two great options:

  1. Focus on your company's powerful mission with a paragraph of text, or even a message from the founder. This is the best option if the company mission is what likely motivated a customer to subscribe in the first place.
  2. Focus on the fear of missing out, bullet pointing what the customer will LOSE by canceling their subscription.

Even when a customer does not engage with a mission/value-oriented Deflection, they are still an opportunity to create a favorable impression of your brand. This can set up success downstream, with other offers being accepted or a customer re-subscribing later on.

The second Deflection is almost always a Skip option, allowing customers to skip their next order and take a break from the subscription without canceling.