Cancel Flows
Cancel Flows Overview

Cancel Flows Overview

When customers click to cancel, Cancel Flows deliver the right experience to retain subscribers and surface valuable feedback.

Beautifully designed, branded flows—remind customers why they love your brand, make it easy to change their mind
The right offers at the right time—improve retention with targeted offers based on the reason customers are canceling
Unique experiences for different customer types—segment customers intelligently into the right cancel flows

And most importantly, view analytics that yield actionable insights—you’ll get better at retaining customers while you get better at shipping products they love.


Branded experience

  • Present customers with a large, branded page to find out why they are cancelling, and make it easy to stay subscribed
  • Offer to skip a shipment rather than cancel
  • Target offers to different reasons, like swapping into different products or discounting


Smart offers

  • Create multiple offers and see how they perform against each other as Churn Buster learns and optimizes your Cancel Flows

Segmented flows

Memberships cancel for different reasons than Product subscriptions
  • Offer a unique experience for different customer types (high/low LTV customers, memberships vs product subscribers, segmented by acquisition channel, etc


Continuous improvement

Track progress from your Churn Buster dashboard
  • View cancellation save rate over time
  • See which save offers perform the best
  • Track how different customer types are performing and create new flows

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