Cancel Flows
Cancel Reasons

Cancel Reasons

As part of the subscription cancelation experience with Cancel Flows, customers are presented with a survey to determine why they are canceling.

This survey includes a list of Reasons for the customer to choose from, which can be edited from your Cancel Flows Editor.

Account setup

General advice: 5–7 reasons is a good number of options, try to give each reason a unique category, and keep the wording clear and easy to understand.

If you are new to using Cancel Flows, try to match the most common cancelation reasons you've seen in the past. Or, if you are already surveying customers when they cancel, try to match those reasons as closely as possible when setting up your new account.

There will be plenty of opportunities to improve as you go, and you'll have access to more data before making any significant changes.

What's a Category?

Categories are short headings, used as titles to segment your analytics. This means you can make edits to the text shown to customers without breaking your history of analytics. And you can even group several, similar Reasons under a common category to track them together.

Targeted Offers

Based on which Reason a customer chooses, you will have the opportunity to show them a Targeted Offer that is highly relevant.

For example, when customers indicate the product is too expensive, it is often better to show them a discount before they cancel. Or if they have too much product, another prompt to Skip their next order makes sense.

Each Reason is an opportunity to custom-tailor the Cancel Flow experience.

Read more about Targeted Offers and how they can be used to retain subscribers in the next section.