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First name greetings

First name greetings

Including the customer's first name in the email greeting increases trust and gives a personal touch.

The following snippets can be used to insert a first name greeting into your email templates, falling back to "Hi there" if a first name isn't available.

Using Stripe?

Customer description/name field

If storing names in the customer name or customer description field in Stripe, this snippet inserts the first name, even if the field includes the full (first and last) name:

Hi {{customer.properties.stripe.customer.description | capitalize | truncatewords: 1, "" | default: "there" }},


First names stored in a Stripe metadata field can be inserted into the email greeting with this snippet:

Hi {{customer.properties.stripe.customer.metadata.first_name | default: "there"}},

Using Recharge/Braintree?

We automatically sync First Name and Last Name with Recharge and Braintree for all of your customers, so you can use this without any additional work:

Hi {{customer.properties.first_name | default: "there"}},